War & Conflict Policy

People Before Profit War & Conflict Policy

  1. People Before Profit is an anti-imperialist party.
  2. Imperialism is a world economic and political structure – not just a series of individual acts of colonisation.
  3. Economically its main feature is the domination of the world by giant multinational corporations who both work with one another and compete with one another.
  4. Politically this leads to the domination of the world by rival great powers such as the US, the EU, Russia and China – each of which tries to strengthen and enlarge its sphere of influence through sub- imperial powers such as Israel and Saudi Arabia.
  5. This leads to a multitude of imperialist, inter-imperialist and anti-imperialist conflicts, wars, interventions and complex situations each of which requires specific analysis.
  6. In general terms: People Before Profit opposes all imperialist wars, conquests, interventions and occupations – especially those in which our government is involved and implicated (eg by the US use of Shannon). We support the right of nations to self-determination.
  7. We should be particularly wary of claimed ‘humanitarian interventions’. The removal of dictators and vicious regimes (such as Gaddafi, Assad, Mubarak etc) is the task of the people of those countries not Western armed forces which only make matters worse.
  8. We are opposed to Western and Russian military intervention in the conflict in Syria.
  9. We support the Palestinian struggle for liberation against Zionist occupation and oppression and back the international campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Apartheid Israel.
  10. We should defend Irish neutrality; oppose NATO and the military use of Shannon, and all Irish participation in the international arms trade.