I spoke last week in the Brexit debate in the Dáil, but felt I had to first address the ridiculous proposition being peddled by our establishment that somehow Biden and the EU hot shots are the friends of ordinary Irish people. They are not – they are simply champions of the capitalist class in their own countries, and will use the Brexit debate to further their interests, not ours. I also spoke about role of the border and how poorly served are ordinary Protestant workers by the vile bigotry and extreme right-wing politics of the DUP. James Connolly was so right – “..a carnival of reaction…” is what he predicted by the establishment of the border – how well we see that being played out in everything from responses to Covid, to the current Brexit debates.


Brid puts Niall Boylan back his box while defending Extinction Rebellion… and…other topics include cross border opportunities, vaccination and JUST TRANSITION.


BrId was on the panel of The Tonight Show last evening. Topics up for discussion were varied from threatened hike in the Local Property Tax, Brexit & the border, to Irish citizens who joined ISIS, and Ellie Kishombe’s right to stand in elections.

Bríd addressed various issues on this popular radio programme; this is a recording of her comments on Brexhi and the border, the new children’s hospital overspend, the forthcoming nurses strike, and outsourcing women’s health care