Environmental Policy

People Before Profit Environmental Policy

  1. In light of the overwhelming scientific evidence for human induced climate change, People Before Profit advocates a radical series of measures to dramatically reduce Ireland’s Co2 emissions.
  2. These will include a public transport revolution to cut car usage and provide every community both urban and rural with a cheap and efficient mode of public transit appropriate for the area.
  3. We want the latest energy efficient standards in new buildings and a national programme to retro fit housing and public buildings.
  4. All reserves of energy, renewable or fossil fuel should be retained in public ownership and any development should be in the public interest and developed only to ensure that Ireland moves to a low carbon society as soon as possible.
  5. The country’s physical heritage, its mountains, countryside, lakes rivers and seashore, should be safeguarded from privatisation and remain accessible to the public.
  6. We advocate programmes of re-afforestation with the goal of protecting and enhancing the land’s biodiversity for this and future generations.

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