I spoke at the debate tonight in the LEO THE LEAK debate. You know what way its going to go – he’ll get away with it – again. Because FF and the Greens will stick with their government pals in FG, all sharing the same common interest of keeping their snouts deep in the Dáil trough. Meantime normal people working in the health service as carers, as para-medics (like those in the National Ambulance Service Representative Association) are hung out to dry. We’ll remember Leo the Leak, Leo the Liar.


People Before Profit TD says Varadkar’s RIC commemoration comments unbecoming of an Irish Taoiseach

People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith has said that the comments by Leo Varadkar about commemorations of the RIC that he is ‘disappointed to hear that some people are going to boycott the event were “unbecoming of a Taoiseach and shows a nonchalant attitude to the brutality of imperialist rule in Ireland and it shows the government’s hostility to all struggles, even the one that created the Irish State”.Read more »

There are few things that make me as angry as bullying. The powerful bullying the weak. Fine Gaelers blaming, and bullying, refugees. And why? to distract from their own mis-rule. Low-life. RTE news tonight had this following clip.



They failed us on housing. They failed us on health..on childcare…on every issue that matters. So who do they blame? Refugees of course!! The most unfortunate of people, made scapegoats by the morally and socially bankrupt politicians of FG. Verona Murphy is deplorable, but that Varadkar fails to stand her down, speaks volumes. Shame on them all.


CLIMATE HYPOCRITE! Varadkar boasts in New York how he’s against oil exploration, but is ok with gas exploration. But you don’t get one without the other! He’s ‘spinning’ climate abuse! And at the same time he welcomes importing FRACKED GAS – viciously poisonous to the environment. I discussed this on The Late Debate the other evening (this is an audio clip from the show)


In a blistering attack on the Taoiseach over his loyalty to the fossil fuel industry lobbyists, Bríd calls him out as a liar. Leo denies being lobbied – it was just ‘a cup of coffee’ with his fossil fuel mates – that ended up with the Climate Emergency Bill being scuppered.



The €5million FG spin machine is faulty! It let Leo spill the beans on how you REALLY do business in Ireland – get a Minister to make a call to the planning department. Sorted. And of course you can’t spin away broken services and homeless children. Maybe FG should get a refund! But actually…it was we, the taxpayers, who paid for this…wasn’t it!

LEO,TRUMP AND ST PATRICK! I was on Primetime last night discussing them. To be fair, St Patrick didn’t figure much – but wastn’t it astonishing that our Taoiseach jokes about bending the planning process for Trump in Clare! And how he could entertain that racist, sexist, homophobe? Surely we’ve gone beyond the days the “The Quiet Man”, where the cringing Irish have to suck up to ‘the rich Yank’!

Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit


People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, has labelled the new government National Development Plan a “fantasy and a fraud”.

“We are being promised pie in the sky, but only by 2040, we will have new hospitals, houses and trains, but only by 2040. This National Development Plan is simply a pre-election gimmick by Varadkar’s spin team,” said the Dublin South Central TD.Read more »