To listen to the way the levy on petrol and diesel is presented sounds like a good idea. Except when you look at it, its actually about getting more money out of people who have little alternative but to use their (old) car, and does nothing to tackle the fossil fuel industry, nor does it do anything positive for the planet. Ditto with proposed use of ‘biogas’. Looks like a good idea – but actually, could accelerate rather than retard, global warming. This Climate Fund issue is seriously concerning

clips of Brid’s comments on the need to KEEP IT IN THE GROUND, and the fossil fuel industry’s aplogists (like Senator Tim Lombard, FG) who have tried to bury the Climate Emergency Bill.

“It’s the rich gets the gravy, it’s the poor that gets the blame”. So says the old song. It could have been written about the government’s Climate Action Plan. They blame us for pollution and prepare the way for the rich corporations to make a killing, privatising our natural resources of wind, solar and wave power. Bríd explained in the Dáil today how they go about this.

I GOT FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES! Fair play to my comrade Richard Boyd Barret who took on the job of challeging the proceedular trickery of the powers that be in ‘the house’ today. My Climate Emergency Bill, despite being passed overwhelming so far, has been put into ‘limbo’ by undemocratic means because the fossil fuel industry doesn’t like it. Here’s the exhange in the Dáil earlier. Thanks Richard.

The full failure of this govt on climate change was exposed in this exchange with Varadkar – the usual patronising attitude and false smears – the continued defence of exploration for fossil fuels we can’t use (if we are to stop global tempreture rises of over 2 degrees). They’re breaking the Dáil’s own rules to stop progress of this Bill. #WorkHarderBeNicer to Lowry and his gang; that will save the planet! Someone tell Greta Thurnberg!

I questioned officials from the Department of Agriculture . We have one the worst records in Co2 emissions and our plan is to increase those emissions in agriculture, despite what the IPCC report tells us is happening. They really dont get the urgency of tackling #ClimateChange, and while our forest cover is among the lowest in Europe, planting monocultures of Sitka spruce will do nothing to help the environemnt or climate. Nor will Govt policy help lower-income farmers, who could play a huge and progressive role in mitigating climate change

Delighted that the bill on Fossil Fuels got through, now lets have more ‘joined up’ thinking from all government departments on this, and lets hope my bill on ending dirty fuel exploration will pass in Sept

My Climate Emergency Bill was discussed at committee stage for the second time yesterday. This clip has some of the exchanges between myself and those on the Government side who spoke against the Bill – Gas Networks Ireland for instance. The Oireachtas website has the entire recordings (see videos for Committe Room 2. for 10.7.18, on their website)