FG/FF congratulate themselves on how well they manage the country’s finances, yet essential services like the long-promised DRIMNAGH PRIMARY CARE CENTRE is still on hold. Meantime mad money is wasted on projects the National Children’s Hospital and Broadband, because of dodgy contracts. I put numerous Parliamentary Questions (PQs) that never got a satisfactory answer. I raised it again in the Dáil

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Its entirely understandable how many of us distrust big pharma and ‘experts’ who dismiss the genuine fears of lay people. But we can’t dismiss science, and the scientific evidence shows that the HPV vaccine saves lives.

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We discussed on radio the threat posed by the new super-bug to the health service. But for years the service has badly run by an overpaid army of managers at the top, with underfunding for front-line services at the bottom, and cutbacks that were never restored. So no wonder the new bug is such a threat. Wasn’t Dr Leo Minister for health one time? What exactly did he do that was any use while he was there?

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 People Before Profit TD, Brid Smith, has attacked the planned closure of beds at the Child and Adolescent Inpatient Mental Health services at Cherry Orchard Hospital in Ballyfermot.

 The TD who represents the local catchment area around the Hospital said the closure of 50% of the 22 beds due to a shortage of nurses demonstrates the crisis in both mental health services and the wider National Health Service.Read more »

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Press Release- Bríd Smith TD


People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith has called for a special Dáil debate on the decision of Minister Simon Harris to hand over the new National Maternity Hospital to the Sisters of Charity religious order.

The TD expressed outrage at the timing of the announcement, made when the Dáil was in recess, and has said she will request that the Dáil Business committee allow a full debate on the decision when the Dáil next sits after the Easter break.

Ms Smith said: “This decision is an insult to those victims of church abuse who went to the redress scheme and who know the foot dragging and contempt this order has shown over the last decades in relation to paying up for their past crimes.Read more »

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Press Release- Bríd Smith TD



PBP TD says Minister Harris should reverse decision to grant control of National Maternity Hospital to Sisters of Charity which ran infamous Magdalene Laundries who refuse to pay promised redress

People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, has said that she is disgusted to hear of the news that Health Minister, Simon Harris is to grant control of the new €300 million State funded National Maternity Hospital to the Sisters of Charity Religious Order.


The Dublin South Central TD said that it is a disgrace that in the aftermath of the Tuam Babies scandal and the failure of the Sisters of Charity to pay full promised redress to the victims of the Magdalene Laundries and other cases of institutional abuse that the Minister should hand over control of this State funded maternity hospital to a religious institution.Read more »

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In a statement today Brid Smith People Before Profit TD is calling on the Government to immediately re-instate all drugs that have been removed from the GMS Medical Card scheme since 2014

“The Government’s proposed reduction in the Autumn Budget of the threshold in the Medical Card is pointless while they are systematically removing the availability of key drugs from the Medical Card List.” according to Deputy Smith.

Read more »

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 About 46,000 young children have complex needs, often relating to slower development of speech and language faculties. Yet the Irish health service does not make adequate provision for early intervention.

Councillor Brid Smith from People Before Profit said,

‘We come across many parents who are worried sick by the failure of the state to provide the necessary resources for early intervention. The waiting list for speech and language therapists is so long that parents are being forced to go private – at great cost to themselves.

‘International research suggests that the case load for a speech and language therapist should lie somewhere between 30 and 65 cases.

‘In Ireland, however, the case load of Speech and Language therapists is way more than double this ratio. It amounts to an average of 162 cases per therapist.

‘Like every other aspect of our health service this under-provision helps to support a two tier system. Worried parents will tend to go private rather than wait for months and years to obtain an evaluation.

‘The cost of these private sessions amount to about €50 for a 40 minute session or €100 for an hour.

‘A decent government would have doubled the number of speech and language therapists to cut waiting lists. They would make early evaluation and intervention a priority.

‘But this government cares more about the lifestyle of bondholders and bankers. That is why they sacrifice the most vulnerable on their altar of greed.’

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