Bríd slams Taoiseach re sabotaging progress of Climate Emergency Bill

The full failure of this govt on climate change was exposed in this exchange with Varadkar – the usual patronising attitude and false smears – the continued defence of exploration for fossil fuels we can’t use (if we are to stop global tempreture rises of over 2 degrees). They’re breaking the Dáil’s own rules to stop progress of this Bill. #WorkHarderBeNicer to Lowry and his gang; that will save the planet! Someone tell Greta Thurnberg!

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Bríd challenges Minister on JobPath – a waste of public funds on a shameful scam.

MORE PUBLIC MONEY WASTED. That’s Minister Doherty’s plan for JOBPATH and the unemployed. She intends renewing the multi million Euro contracts with dodgy companies who got the ‘gig’ last time – private businesses contracted for ‘job activation’ schemes that “patronised..manipulated and bullied” the people they were meant to help – the unemployed. And they call this ‘Social Protection’! I spoke about this in the Dáil earlier today.

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DON’T KILL the BILL! Bríd Smith TD outside Dáil on her Climate Change Emergency Bill

The Bill that would prevent further fossil fuel exploration off our coast has been put into ‘limbo’ by a clique that includes Michael Lowry and Michael McDowell. Evidence of the hypocrasy of a governement that claims to care about the environment. We protested outside the Dáil today – 19.2.19.

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Bríd Smith TD speaks to Solidarity/PBP motion regarding the nurses in Dáil

Solidarity / PBP put a motion to the Dail today regarding the nurses dispute and other health care professionals. Whatever the outcome, and the decision is theirs alone, this Dáil should understand that the issues that drove the nurses to take action will not be resolved by the offer. Understaffing means an unsafe health service. Nurse ratio to patients should ideally be 1:4. As things stand it’s more like1:8 and sometimes as bad as 1:11. The measly offer will not solve that. But whatever happens, our nurses and midwives will continue to be held in the highest regard by all – all that is except this shameful government. I spoke to the motion in Dáil.


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Bríd challenges Harris and Donoghue in the Dáil over the National Children’s Hospital fiasco

The scandalous waste of public money at the National Children’s Hospital is compounded by the farce of giving PwC half a million Euros to ‘investigate’ it. PwC are employed by BAM, the contractor they are supposed to be investigating, and also by the Dept of Health, whose catastrophic balls-up this is! And guess who was Minister for Health when the contracts were signed – Leo himself! I put questions to Ministers Harris and Donoghoe about the very flawed procurement policies. No much by way of answers though.

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Cervical Tests and the issue of outsourcing – still waiting for answers

I  made several queries at the Dail committee today. Apart from the mess they have made of re-testing, there remain unanswered questions.

Since this time last year, I have been asking what labs gave the wrong results that led to 221 women having their cervical cancer go unnoticed. I believe that labs in the US are the ones involved. They were the cheaper option, a ‘for-profit’ company that failed women like Vikki Phealan. Outsourcing is the root of it. So I’m relieved to know the government intends, eventually, to re-patriate the service. Meantime, I’m still waiting the for the answer. 

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Bríd on The Tonight Show, 12.2.19.

Brid holds her own, despite often hostile opposition on a variety of topics – The National Children’s Hospital scandal, the nurses dispute, government housing and tax policies, and racist activity in Roosky

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Bríd Smith TD on The Week in Politics, RTE 1, 10.2.19

Clips here from Brid’s contribution on the topics of the National Children’s Hospital scandal, the nurses strike, the border after brexit and directly elected mayors.

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Brid Smith TD speaking on Jobpath in Dáil Éireann

Jobpath is about humiliating and punishing the unemployed, not helping. We are paying private companies millions a year to hound the unemployed into now paying precarious jobs with litle security. The scandal should end now.

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Bríd Smith TD on The Late Debate, 5.2.19

Brid spoke on the radio programme (sometimes also streamed) The Late Debate 5.2.19. These clips relate to the cost over-run at the National Children’s Hospital and the crisis in General Practice



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