Bríd’s speech on the budget 9.10.19

Here, Bríd shows not only what the government failed to do in this budget but, but what could have been done, had the FG / FF government not been so slavishly devoted to the interests of the rich, while ignoring pressing social and environmental needs.

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Bríd and Richard call out Varadkar’s hypocrisy and deception on LNGs

Varadkar, fresh from his UN Climate gig in New York, is forging ahead with plans to import fracked gas as LNG (liguified natural gas), poisonous to bio-sphere and humankind (but very profitable!). I pushed for a Dáil discussion, at the very least, on this before it went through. Today we had that discussion – this is what myself and Richard Boyd-Barret had to say

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Leo’s lies about LNGs

On the Late Debate radio programme (live streamed) Brid challenged the statements to the effect that the proposed LNGs (Liquid National Gas) hubs would not contain fracked gas.

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Bríd calls out Varadkar’s Climate Hypocrisy.

CLIMATE HYPOCRITE! Varadkar boasts in New York how he’s against oil exploration, but is ok with gas exploration. But you don’t get one without the other! He’s ‘spinning’ climate abuse! And at the same time he welcomes importing FRACKED GAS – viciously poisonous to the environment. I discussed this on The Late Debate the other evening (this is an audio clip from the show)


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Brid Smith TD on The Late Debate 4.10.19

Brid spoke on the radio programme The Late Debate, 4.10.19 though it is also live-streamed (with results of varying quality). The clips here are mostly climate related issues, including ‘Just Transition’ for workers.


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Bríd defends retired civil and public service pensioners’ rights

We all heard about GOLD-PLATED PENSIONS. The impression given was that public service employees were being too well ‘looked after’. The truth is that only very senior civil and public servants (and politicians) got fat pensions – the remainder of nurses, teachers, gardai, defence force personnel, etc etc have very modest pensions and these are being undermined. The pensioners want access to the industrial relations mechanisms as is their due. I spoke to this yesterday in the Dáil.

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Bríd slams the Taoiseach for his climate hypocrisy at the Climate Summit in New York

Our Taoiseach pretends to care about the climate while at the same time is preparing the ground to import fracked gas from America in the form of LNGs.

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Bríd Smith TD defends school secretaries industrial action

A two-tier system that school secretaries have tolerated for far too long. These essential workers deserve their just demands.

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Brid Smith TD exposes those in favour of fracked gas!

FRACKED GAS (LNGs) poisons ground and water in the USA and the bio-sphere of our planet. Our government wants to sign off on importing LNGs here without discussion in the Dáil; I ‘kicked-up’ and called for a vote. The video here records the row. Note this and remember it: FIANNA FAIL AND FINE GAEL BOTH VOTED FOR FRACKED GAS


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Bríd Smith TD discussing report report on Direct Provision with Ombudsman

In the Dail committee today, 25.9.19. various aspects of the very harsh conditions of Direct Provision for Assylum Seekers and Refugees was discussed. This video is of exchanges between Bríd and the Ombudsman


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