Brid Smith TD calls for mass pickets at Tesco

Brid’s rounds on Mary Mitchell O’Connor and Fianna Fáil for their phoney concern for workers. She calls for a mass picket this Sat 25 Feb, at 12.00 of Tesco shops in solidarity with the strikers there.

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Coveney’s response to exploitative landlords – woefully inadequate

PBP TD slams Coveney for totally disgraceful and inadequate response to serious breaches of overcrowding and conditions in rental properties by landlords

Housing minister and Taosieach candidate effectively shrugs his shoulders at serious exploitation

People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, has slammed the response of the Minister for Housing, Simon Coveney, to a question she asked in the Dáil regarding a number of incidents where homelessness people and vulnerable tenants have been grossly exploited by landlords.

Ms Smith asked if the Minister would be bringing in legislation to prevent this exploitation by private landlords of homeless people and vulnerable tenants.

Ms Smith made particular reference to the case of mass overcrowding at a house in South Dublin where 70 tenants were being given bunk beds for €200 per month in a five bedroom house at The Pines, Lehaunstown, Cabinteely; overcrowding in three houses in North Dublin where there was a fire yesterday evening; and the development, today, of exploitation by the owner of an internet café on Talbot Street who charged homeless people to sleep on the floor and on chairs.

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Brid challenges Varadkar on ‘job creation’ schemes

Brid tries but fails to get adequate information from Varadkar about the implementation of job-creation / activitation schemes.


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Bríd challenges Minister Coveney on Housing Standards

Brid asked Minister Simon Coveney if he is going to bring in any legislation to deal with scandalous exploitation of homeless people and vulnerable tenants.
Coveney is the Minister responsible for housing and potentially the next Taoiseach. His response was totally inadequate and disgraceful

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PBP TD calls for support for Bus Eireann workers

People Before Profit TD, Brid Smith, has urged workers and trade unionists across the country to support the Bus Eireann workers’ fight against planned cuts due to be introduced by management.

Following the collapse of talks today, a dispute seems inevitable at the company.

Deputy Smith slammed the management plan, saying it was based on fantasy figures and would undermine the entire national bus network, especially isolated rural areas.

She said: “It is part of the race to the bottom, a drive to a low wage, flexible hours economy that must be resisted by all workers.”

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Bríd Smith, TD vs Cora Sherlock, anti-choice campaigner, on Newstalk radio

PBP Choice banner on the biggest Choice demo yet

Bríd takes on Cora Sherlock in this brief debate and wins hands down.  Click on the link below to listen

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Enda’s job – causing chaos; Fianna Fáil’s job – helping him.

Brid Smith in the Dáil:  Enda Kenny says he doesn’t want people causing chaos in this country. This government has caused chaos. Chaos in the health system, a chaotic housing and homelessness crisis and chaos in the lives of whistleblowers like Maurice McCabe, shamefully propped up by Fianna Fail. There is no confidence in this government. There must be an election.

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Bríd on ‘Banded hours contract Bill 2016’ speaking on Jobs…Committee.

Once again employer organisations, who represent sectors with a poor record of low pay, precarious contracts and  in many cases record profits over the last few years, come into the Dail to attack a piece of legislation that tries to give workers some certainty around their weekly hours and pay. Have employers ever accepted any thing that might improve the workers lot?

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Brid Smith TD questions the Taoiseach on Libya and refugees

Brid slams our governments’ support for the strategy of the EU paying Libya to keep the refugees there, in the chaotic State of Libya, a place where they are in grave danger at the hands of unscrupulous war lords, rather than allowing these unfortunate people to seek refuge in a peaceful land.

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Bríd outlines what the EU and Northern Ireland mean for ordinary people living with austerity and neo-liberalism, in relation to the issue of Brexit, and demands a real democratic choice about how we live our lives.

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