People Before Profit Councillor will be protest with the Right2Water campaign in Mayo outside Fine Gael Conference in Castlebar

Cllr Smith said “The hated and unjust water charges have been pushed through by Enda Kenny and Fine Gael.

Despite their election promises to end austerity, this Government with Enda Kenny at it’s helm have inflicted severe austerity on the Irish people.

Their austerity budgets have cut the ordinary people to the bone, at the same time protecting the rich and creating new quangos like Irish Water.

To add insult to injury they are pursuing an agenda of demonising those who protest against them.”

Brid Smith added
“We are calling for the release of the five protesters jailed by the State.
This is an attempt to break up the mass movement against the Water Charges.

The Right2Water campaign will be back on the streets today and on 21 March.
Today in Castlebar we are sending a message to Enda Kenny and his party that they will get their answer at the next Election.”

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Rally against political policing outside Department of “Injustice”

Cllr Bríd smith condemns the treatment of protesters in Jobstown, Tallaght.

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Release Ibrahim Halawa


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People Before Profit Condemns Government Inaction Over Childcare Costs

Childcare in Ireland is the most expensive in Europe, and worldwide second only to the USA, according to recent research from the OECD.

The government here spends just 0.2% of GDP in the development of children up to the age of 6, compared to an OECD average of 0.7%.

This means that typically already hard-pushed parents in Ireland pay 40% of the average wage in childcare costs, while in other OECD countries this falls to 12% thanks to government subsidies.
Another consequence is that childcare workers here are underpaid and overworked, with up to 25,000 people working in the sector on an average of less than €11 an hour – less than the minimum wage, according to figures from the Association of Childhood Professionals.

ESRI has recently warned that the high cost of childcare in this country is a major factor contributing to the large number of jobless households throughout the country.

Yet in spite of the official acknowledgement of the need for greater investment as far back as 2000 when the National Childhood Strategy was published, funding for childcare still needs to be increased fivefold if it’s to meet the standard of services to which successive governments have claimed they aspire.

This government’s cutbacks have hit the poorest the hardest.

People Before Profit calls for immediate investment in childcare services to help ordinary families already struggling under the unfair burden of austerity.

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Why Did The Irish State Appoint HSBC Executives To Key Positions? [Press Release]

People Before Profit has condemned the decision of Finance Minister Michael Noonan not to sack Michael Geoghegan from the advisory board of NAMA.

In a statement, Brid Smith for People Before Profit said,

‘It is incredible that the world’s top organiser of tax dodging schemes should be acting as an advisor to NAMA. Read more ›

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People Before Profit Councillor condemn arrest of Paul Murphy TD [Press Release]

Brid Smith has condemned the arrest of Paul Murphy as a travesty of justice.

Brid Smith who lives in Ballyfermot claims that Joan Burton’s visit was a provocation for many residents.

“Joan Burton has presided over decisions that have cut social welfare for young people, deprived single parents with children over 7 of One parent Allowance, and supported legislation which has cut the wages of public sector workers. Once her appearance in Tallaght was known, it was inevitable that there would be protests. Read more ›

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Newsletter Winter 2014-15 — A very big thank you

Newsletter winter 2014-2015

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Alcohol – We Have A Problem [Press Release]

People before Profit Spokesperson, Brid Smith, has claimed that the government’s proposed measures on tackling alcohol misuse are ‘grossly inadequate’.

In a statement she said,

‘The most harmful drug in Ireland is not marijuana or even heroin. In terms of the numbers affected and damage to health it is alcohol.

‘An Analysis of Alcohol Consumption in Ireland in 2013 published by the Health Research Board showed that half of drinkers can be classified as harmful drinkers. Read more ›

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Party Political Broadcast on behalf of People Before Profit Alliance. Vote Brid Smith on May 23rd [video]

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RTE Found to Have Infringed Rules on Fairness in Election Coverage


The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has upheld a complaint from Cllr. Bríd Smith (People Before Profit Alliance) and Paul Murphy MEP (Socialist Party) about RTE reporting of poll evidence on the Euro elections.

Commenting today Bríd Smith said: “RTE is under an obligation to behave in an impartial way during the coverage of elections. But they have acted in a disgraceful way throughout this campaign. Both Paul and myself have been vindicated in a recent complaint we made about how the station suppressed news of a dramatic rise in support for both our candidacies. We believe that this arises from a systemic bias which assumes that non-mainstream parties must be marginalised and not treated seriously.”

The BAI judgement is as follows: Read more ›

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