Bríd Smith TD on ‘This Week’ radio show – 17.9.17

Audio clips from the programme which included a discussion of issues surround coalition of left and right parties; SF and LP spokemen plus Bríd.

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‘Sé títhe atá ag teastáil…

The housing debate is not about bedsits, whatever language you use. Its much bigger than that. The government must declare a housing emergency and abandon the fantasy that the private market can solve the housing and homelessness crisis. People Before Profit will put a bill to the Dail on first day of its return – the Bill proposes to amend the constitution to insert the Right to secure, affordable housing ahead of the right to private property

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Punk gig supports McStrikers!

VICTORY TO THE McSTRIKERS! Last night we’d a great gig for People Before Profit D8, where Joe Carolan, organising the striking McDonald workers in the UK, addressed the crowd. Brilliant music from El Clash Combo (Clash tribute band), Fans of Adventure and Los Ramones – fantastic art from Punk Rock & Resistance. Thanks all so much – especially BOCER! Don’t miss the next gig!
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Government continues to waste public money on Irish Water

The news that the State has just handed over €270 million of public money to Irish Water is one more episode in the long-running fiasco of the Irish Water company.

At a time when there is an on-going crisis in our hospitals, an on-going crisis in mental health and an ever worsening housing and homelessness crisis, this is a shameful waste of the people’s money. It all stems from the original disastrous decision to introduce water charges with a view to eventual privatisation of water services. Read more ›

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Brid Smith TD on Dáil privelege, RTE radio 1, 13.8.17

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Brid Smith TD on Pat Kenny radio programme 28.7.17

RISH WATER WAS ALL ABOUT PRIVATISATION I was on Pat Kenny’s radio programme recently. The clip includes some comments on the expensive farce that is Irish Water; Why didn’t Fianna Fail fix the pipes with the excess €Billions that Brian Cowan bragged about? Just one of the points I made to Pat Kenny on his radio programme a couple of days ago. So why didn’t WE ever do anything about getting the water pipes fixed – why do we just ‘give out’ . I told Kenny who makes the decsions on Dublin City Council – the unelected city manager. So much for democracy! I also was challenged about how water is paid for, and by whom, and where and they wanted to know why so called ‘socialist’ parties in Europe support water charges.

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Brid Smith TD on DriveTime radio programme 28.7.17

THE PRIVELEGED DEFEND THEIR PRIVELEGES. It might seem a technical issue but its actually important that people like Paul Murphy can use Dáil privelege to tell the truth about being ‘fitted up’ at his trial. The really ‘elite’ don’t want to see ‘Dáil privelege’ used in this way. I explained why on the Drivetime radio programme on RTE the other day.

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Historic underfunding of water system by successive governments reason for current infrastructure crisis

Historic underfunding of water system by successive Fine Gael and Fianna Fail governments are the reasons for current infrastructure crisis. People Before Profit have outlined a number of measures that could be used to pay for water infrastructure upgrades and water services.

People Before Profit TD and spokesperson on water, Bríd Smith, has said that the blame for the crumbling nature of Ireland’s water infrastructure is down to historic underfunding by successive Fine Gael and Fianna Fail governments.The TD for Dublin South Central made her comments in the wake of the burst pipe in Drogheda which has cut of water to thousands of people in Louth and Meath East.

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“More oversight of Voluntary housing bodies needed” say TD.

Voluntary sector rent charges higher than many local authorities claims Brid Smith TD.Tenants face 1000 euro per year difference between local authority and voluntary housing rents”

People Before Profit TD Brid Smith has said that the rent charged by some voluntary housing agencies was out of synch with that charged by  local authorities  and needed firmer Government regulation. The deputy claimed that tenants cannot appeal rent rises by their voluntary agency to the RTB and effectively there was no control or oversight over these agencies. Read more ›

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Brid Smith TD on The Week in Politics, 17.7.17

PAUL MURPHY TD is perfectly right to have said what he said in the Dáil. I was on the Week in Politics programme yesterday and was glad of the opportunity to make this point.

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