Ceann Comhairle asked to intervene as HSE and Minister refuse to answer Cervical Check question

Media Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit    12/11/2018

Request follows PAC committee hearing that reveals HSE reviewed the cases of the 221 women at the centre of crisis

“This information should be public and is the least the family of Julie O’Reilly and other women deserve,” says TD

People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith has formally complained to the Dáil’s Ceann Comhairle over the repeated refusal of the HSE and the Health Minister to answer a question on the cervical check scandal.

The TD has claimed that since May she has repeatedly asked the HSE to list the laboratories from which the 221 negligently misread slides came from. The question has never been answered despite assurances from ex HSE boss Tony O’Brien that it would be. Read more ›

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Brid Smíth TD debates bogus self-employment in the Dail 8.11.18

I sit on the Dáil committee for Social Protection. Today we queried Department officials, and got less than satisfactory answers, on BOGUS SELF-EMPLOYMENT. It’s basically a scam that lets the actual employer off the hook of responsibility to their workers and has been better described as ‘social dumping’. And its allowed on state-funded projects! And what about worklplace inspections? compliance? prosecutions? From where I sat, there appeared to be little Social Protection and a lot of tip-toeing around exploitative companies and employers.

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Bríd Smith TD – update on Abortion Legislation committee 8.11.18

People have been asking what’s happening in the committee (discussing the abortion legislation). Here’s my latest update

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Brid Smith TD on the Abortion Legislation committee 8.11.18

This evening, 8.11.18, we discussed the issue of conscientious objection on the committee, among other matters
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Bríd Smith TD on Dail Climate cmmttee 7.11.18

I questioned officials from the Department of Agriculture . We have one the worst records in Co2 emissions and our plan is to increase those emissions in agriculture, despite what the IPCC report tells us is happening. They really dont get the urgency of tackling #ClimateChange, and while our forest cover is among the lowest in Europe, planting monocultures of Sitka spruce will do nothing to help the environemnt or climate. Nor will Govt policy help lower-income farmers, who could play a huge and progressive role in mitigating climate change

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Bríd applauds Google workers walk-out; invites Minister to do likewise

“A CRAZY FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH” is how Google workers described themselves. And fair play to them – a GLOBAL walkout the other day for pay equality and against sexism!! I asked the Minister to join me in congratulating them, but also, WHAT ABOUT NURSES? Would he congratulate them when they are forced to strike for their, more than reasonable, demands? 7.11.18

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Bríd supports forthcoming nurses strike – explains why their cause is just

The Minister says he must respect the Public Sector Pay Agreement and can’t support the nurses threatened strike for pay. But since that agreement was signed, rents have increased, childcare has increased, fuel has increased and nurses’ (and others) pay has stood still. We are 1,000 nurses short. Nurses are stressed to bits. The health service is on the verge of collapse. This is why they have to strike. How else can they make the government sit up and take notice!! 7.11.18


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TD claims estimate of costs of ban on fossil fuels “pure fantasy”

Media Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit, 06/11/2018

Bills benefits would far outweigh any costs says Brid Smith TD

People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith has labelled an Oireachtas report on the proposed bill to ban exploration for oil and gas as “pure fantasy” based on “pretty flimsy economic grounds”.

The research explicitly excluded looking at any economic benefits of the ban while much of its figures are based on “what if” scenarios that speculate on some find in the future. Read more ›

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The start of the Abortion Committee debates

The committe stage, where we debate amendments to the proposed abortion legislation, is frustrating to say the least. Anti abortionists want to rehash the argument (that they spectacularly lost 2:1 in May). But its also frustrating when some amendments are ruled ‘in’, and others ‘out’ of order. Like one today, from Carol Nolan who wants to bill a woman for an abortion unless she’s dying. The other issue addressed in this video is criminality. 14 years for vasectomy? Of course not, so why would they even consider it for abortion. Criminality has no place in health legislation. We debated this at the Committee today.

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The debate on Abortion Legislation begins at committee stage

Quick update on ABORTION LEGISLATION. Good to be getting down to it, we fought long and hard enough.

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