On the Dail communications committee, we questioned RTE executives about cost cutting measures. One of the questions I asked was how much would they save if they capped ALL salaries at €200k, including their own. This was a proposal from the RTE journalist’s union – the NUJ.They didn’t know how much that would save! Thought never occured I suppose! Interestingly, if a levy was put on the giants of Google and Facebook, that can share RTE stuff freely now, they’d get loads of money. They need legislation to do this. So why isn’t this legislation rushed through instead of job losses? instead of selling off RTE (public) lands? More questions than answers I’m afraid.

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Brid Smith TD challenges government on the effects of fuel poverty on children

Shocking new report says over 140,000 kids are living in cold and damp homes. Children in private rented homes are twice as likey to experience energy poverty, Yet all the Government offers is increased carbon taxes and continued reliance on private landlords to provide social housing

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Bríd Smith TD slams Minister over homelessness

The march by thousands of people through Dublin today (5.11.19) was a moving and powerful experience. Lets hope this is the start of a movement that will punish the landlord parties and see in real housing reform.

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Bríd makes a plea for Bingo players

The “Bingo Bill” will reduce prize money to 50% of the takings of the game. Bingo players are not happy, and I’m on their side. Of all the things that need doing in the country, they waste time on trying to do down a pastime enjoyed by ordinary people, mostly women. If you agree Save Our Bingo have called a protest at the Dáil tomorrow at 10.30am.




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Bríd Smith TD speaking on LNGs in Dáil Éireann

Bríd Smith TD calling on the minister to ban the importation of fracked US gas through the proposed Shannon and Cork LNG terminals


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Brid speaks in support of Farmers protest in Dáil.

The big ranchers and beef Barons like Larry Goodman are doing down the family farm and those dependent on it. Great to see these small to medium farmers standing up against the big bosses of Agri business, through their own grassroots organisation. Get up the yard!


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Bríd on The Tonight Show 21.11.19

Topics covered include climate issues and discussion on racism and refugees.


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Bríd Smith TD challenges IWA CEO over Cuisle holiday venue

Wheelchair users and their carers demonstrated outside the Dáil last week to keep CUISLE open. Its where the wheelchair users go on holidays, and they love it because of kind staff and that they can be together. €1.5 is needed to refurbish Cuisle, but the Minister won’t cough up. He says they can use hotels instead. Disappointing that the CEO of the Irish Wheelchair Association seemed to me, to lack a willingness to fight for the IWA members preference for Cuisle, indeed, not to have assessed their preferences properly, and to glorify hotels instead. Here’s our exchange at the Health committee today.

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Bríd Smith TD discusses BNM Just Transition with ICTU

On the Climate Action Committee, Just Transition for Bord na Mona workers was discussed by unions representing the workers and company and government representatives. This is the exchange between Brid and Patricia King of the ICTU

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Brid Smith TD confronts Bord na Móna boss over Just Transition for the workforce

The government claims it is committed to Just Transition for Bord na Móna workers. So does Tom Donnellan, new CEO of BNM. So why won’t he attend the Workplace Relations Commission to resolve outstanding issues, and why doesn’t the Minister instruct him to? I challenged him at the Climate Action Committee today.

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