Bríd speaks out against racism and anti refugee/immigrant lies

The well fed, well clad, Noel Grealish TD will probably never know what its like to be hungry or cold or fearful of his life, not the way thousands of refugees do. He was leader one time of the PDs, a right-wing split from Fianna Fáil, champions of privatising everything. And now he wants people to blame migrants for what he and the likes of him did to this country. A vile man.


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Bríd speaks on the tragic case of Shane O Farrell in Dáil Éireann

Shameful that the family of Shane O Farrell find their quest for justice thwarted at every hands turn, and by the State that should be at pains to deliver justice for him.

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Bríd speaking on the Social Welfare Bill 2019

Topics covered are low pay, youth unemployment and fuel poverty

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Bríd on The Tonight Show, 6.11.19

Topics include discussion on the recent Dail row about ‘money messaging’, attacks on mangers of companies formally owned by Quinn, and the Fine Gael initiative on plastic cups

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Bríd Smith TD slams Minister over Bord na Móna Workers & Just Transition

With Bord na Móna workers visiting in the Dáil gallery, Bríd outlines what a rotten job the government has done in safeguarding the workers in the peat industry as they face the end of peat production, in line with the need to cut harmful emmissions

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Bríd Smith TD speak in the Dáil on Vote Gate

It is truly shocking that while ordinary people are held to account for their behaviour, TDs can avoid sanction in the Dáil, even when they’re caught rapid. For instance, voting twice for a citzen can get you €2000 fine or 2 years in jail. And dodgy voting in the Dáil isn’t the only crime. What about the 50 odd progressive Bills that are held up on spurious grounds, and we suffer as a result – Bills on housing, health, climate action. And they call this democracy?

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Bríd Smith TD on the Tonight Show – LNGs and other gas!

Its amazing the way they have to be dragged to the truth. Thank God the Incredible Hulk (actor Mark Fuffalo) is on our side! Fracked Gas POISONS AND KILLS. We should NOT import it to an LNG terminal in Shannon or anywhere else. We must invest in renewable energy, for jobs and planet, and stop pretending fossil fuels are ok meantime. This was on The Tonight Show last night

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Bríd Smith TD discusses #VoteGate on The Tonight Show 23.10.19

If a citzen votes twice its prison or a fine. 50,000 unemployed people were sanctioned by Seetec and Turas Nua for not ‘being there’ for an appointement. But politicians are supposed to ‘be there’ for a vote, and vote only once. Why aren’t policiticans who don’t show or vote twice, fined, at the very least?


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Brid Smith TD demands union recognition for NASRA

Speaking up for NASRA paramedics who are demonstrating outside the Dáil today. Government must instruct the HSE to negotiate with the Trade Union of the workers’ choice

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Bríd Smith TD takes on Minister over fuel poverty

Thousands of people can’t afford to heat their homes and can’t afford proper home insulation. Many fail, by one or two euros, the means-tested schemes to alleviate this distress. Bríd challenges the Minister over this.

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