Bríd spoke in the Dáil today on the nurses strike. In the gallery were nurses, student nurses and their union reps. Shamefully, Minister Donohue saw fit not to attend and Minister Harris left early. Shame on them. There is a simple solution to this dispute PAY THE NURSES

Bríd interviewed for the Week in Politics, RTE programme, about the nurses strike

Bríd was interviewed by Joe McGrail for the Week in Politics, RTE 13.1.19. regarding the nurses strike, just before she and People Before Profit members went canvassing for support for the coming industrial action by PNA and INMO members.


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Brid Smith TD challenges Minister on carers’ allowance and Jobpath scheme

Before Xmas I queried the Minister about the numbers of people refused carers’ allowance initially, who are then forced to appeal (which takes months) before being accepted. I also asked about the dramatic rise in the numbers of people penalised under the Jobpath scheme from 63 in 2015 to 5,681 in 2018. She responded defensively (a lot of waffle is cut from this video clip) but bottom line is FG could care less about the vulnerable in society


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Bríd queries Tory Lord on climate committee

Lord Deben (aka John Selwyn Gummer – Chairman of the UK Committee on Climate Change) was a witness at a Dail climate change committee. I had the opportunity to put a number of issues to him about environmental concerns here, before Xmas. All his responses were too long to include here but his defence of fracking is. That’s Tories for ya!

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Bríd demands protection for workers trapped in bogus self-employment

We need legislation protecting workers from bogus self-employment. Our governent says it needs proper figures on the extent of bogus self-employment before it can act, but employees must be protected first – otherwise they are at further risk of victimisation and abuse. I made these points just before Xmas in the Dáil.

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Bríd Smith TD speaking on 100th anniversary of winning the right to Vote

Very proud to be able to speak on the 100th anniversary of getting the vote in 2018. The right to vote was hard won by revolutionary action; it brought us formal democratic rights, but now we need REAL DEMOCRACY. So instead of a tiny elite deciding how the wealth and resources in society are divvied up – we all get to have a say – ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY. Speed the day!

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Brid Smith TD speaking to the Anti Eviction Bill 2018 Dáil Éireann

A Bill which sought to ban evictions on the basis of the landlords intention to sell or renovate was proposed by Solidarity/People Before Profit and addressed in the Dáil 12.12.18 by Bríd.

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An ERSI report shows that this govt looks after the top earners – not the ‘early risers’ nor the ‘squeezed middle’! Figures show that the last budget left average households WORSE off than before. Lower income housholds lost most. And according to economist Michael Taft, the real winners over the last 8 years are the very high earners. Average housholds are paying more tax, and are poorer than before the budget. Some recovery!

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Bríd Smith TD speaking on extending the meaning of ‘family’ for refugees.

I welcome the move to define what ‘family’ means for refugees, and I welcome refugees and their families – just as the Irish needed a ‘welcome’ in our darkest days. And I condemn the actions of fascist sympathisers outside the gates of the Dáil as we speak, the ‘Irexit’ bullies who assembled to ‘do down’ these vulnerable people.


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Bríd Smith TD questions Minister Harris on National Maternity Hospital plan

Dec 5th – Brid seeks clarity but gets none on the fate of the NMH

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