Bríd speaks in favour of Sex Education Bill

Bríd spoke in favour of Ruth Copinger TD’s sex education Bill before the Dáil

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Fodder crisis linked to climate change and food production policy

The recent animal fodder crisis in Ireland is part of a wider global issue that relates to food production priorities and to climate change. Brid raised this at a recent Dail debate.

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Data commissioner questioned on potential misuse of data in the Referendum

The data commissioner met with the relevant Dáil committee and responded to questions put regarding data control issues in the light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Bríd’s concern was the referendum on the 8th amendment – could it be manipulated by unscrupulous data handlers, still?’

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Brid Smith TD questions Facebook reps at Dáil committee re data breaches

FACEBOOK MAN ON THE MAT yesterday in our Dáil committee. Our tax laws are very nice to them, so they are very nice to us, don’t ya know! This is a brief clip of questions I put and some answers received- a longer response can be heard here:

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Bríd speaking at final rally for solidarity with Belfast rape victim

The magnificent #Iblieveher demo on 31st March 2018, ended at the Dept of Justice, Stephens Green. Bríd was one of the speakers at the final rally.

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HPV vaccine saves lives!

Its entirely understandable how many of us distrust big pharma and ‘experts’ who dismiss the genuine fears of lay people. But we can’t dismiss science, and the scientific evidence shows that the HPV vaccine saves lives.

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Bríd calls for pay increases for defence workers!

We take great pride in the work our defence forces have done in the Mediterranean for instance, saving the lives of thousands of refugees, or how they help at home in more and more extreme weather events, snow, floods etc. But they are low paid workers and need to organise to ensure proper remuneration for their good work.

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Bríd Smith – Late Debate 28.3.18

Cips of Bríd speaking on RTE’s radio programme, Late Debate – 28.3.18. (live streaming on the internet gives us video footage, albeit badly synced). Topics included Irish neutrality, Leo’s spin machine and Coveney’s input on the Repeal debate.

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PBP TD welcomes the announcement of Bill to initiate referendum to delete article 40.3.3 from the constitution

Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit 27/03/2018

Ireland is reaching a truly historic moment- Calls for people to get out and campaign for a massive Yes vote

People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith has welcomed the speech made by Minister Simon Harris in the Seanad this evening where he outlined the Bill which would repeal the eighth amendment of the constitution.

She said: “It is good that the Minister has got agreement from cabinet to put forward this Bill and we can stop with the messing around and get on with the campaign to repeal the eighth amendment. All we need now is the announcement of the date of the referendum which must be held before the end of May so students and young people have a chance to have their say on the 8th before they head off to work abroad.” Read more ›

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Brid Smith TD on The Sunday Show. TV3. 25.3.18. Russian Spies in Ireland!!

SPIES, LIES AND COLD WAR GAMES! These were among the topics on The Sunday Show yesterday. Russia has helped kill hundreds of thousands of Syrians. Israel kills Palestinians and robs Irish passports. Yet no moves to expell Russian diplomats over Syria, nor Israeli ones over Palestine! So why are we dancing to Teresa May’s tune over the Salisbury killings?

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