Belfast Pro Choice demo – 14.10.17. – biggest and best yet.

Brilliant youthful demo. Proud to be there.

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Brid Smith TD on Sean O Rouke radio 13.10.17. clip 1

One of several clips from the show – this one deals with housing

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Brid Smith TD on Sean O Rourke radio programme, 13.10.17. clip 2

WOMEN PENSIONERS DONE DOWN. New Social Protection laws brought in in 2012, mean that many women pensioners will be down in their money by as much as €30 per week. The government said they recognised this as ‘bonkers’, they knew well in advance of the budget it was wrong, and yet did nothing about

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Brid Smith TD on Sean O Rourke, 13.10.17. clip 3

A CONTAGION OF COURAGE! That’s why young women in Holywood are speaking out now, and good luck to them.


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Bríd on Sean O Rourke radio programme, 13.10.17. clip 4

LAND HOARDING IN A HOUSING CRISIS IS DISGUSTING…. and two leading Fine Gaelers – the Bruton boys, are land hoarders. I eventually got to make this point on the Sean O Rourke programme yesterday

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Bríd Smith TD on the Tonight Show, TV3, 11.10.17

DESCRIMINATION AGAINST PENSIONERS – MOSTLY WOMEN PENSIONERS – A DISGRACE. I was on the Tonight Show a few days ago. Its amazing how despite the government agreeing that it’s ‘bonkers’ that 23,000 pensioners loose up to €30 per week due to a change in the rules, yet they did nothing about it in the budget! People Power – Feet on the Street! its the only thing that will shake them up

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Privatisation of our bus services: a national disgrace!

Privatisation of our bus services! Despite Transport Minister Shane Ross’s waffle – this is what is happening on a gradual basis. 10% of Dublin Bus routes were put out to tender. Dublin Bus came in cheaper and better than ‘Go Ahead’, a British-based international company. Guess who won the tender? The more expensive ‘Go Ahead’ company. I tackled Ross about this in the Dáil. He waffled, so some of his responses are cut in this clip; you can check the Dáil playback for 11 Oct to hear his full commentary-which said little.

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My God! Tax the rich… the very idea….

On the Late Debate 5.10.17, Cormac the presenter does what you come to expect from most of the Irish media; can hardly believe his ears – the notion of it!! Tax the rich!!! Improve public services!!! People Before Profit’s alternative budget is explained to him by Bríd.

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Brid Smith TD on Environment commtte, 5.10.17

Bríd asked the Minister WHY NOT LEAVE IT IN THE GROUND? It was so sneaky; just after the Dáil rose for the Summer he granted a license for oil and gas exploration at sea, to a company owned by O’Reilly Jnr. Before the Dáil rose, the NO FRACKING Bill was passed, the Bill that would prevent fossil fuel extraction on land. So its okay at sea?? And there was no satisfactory answer forthcoming. How could there be to betrayal, not just of campaigners but of the people and planet itself. Shameful!

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Solidarity-People Before Profit reject debate being narrowed to “crumbs” of the fiscal space in Budget 2018


Press Release- Solidarity- People Before Profit:   5/10/2017

Major increased investment in public services and improved workers incomes possible if fair taxes are paid on profits and wealth

Today, at a press conference in Dublin, Solidarity- People Before Profit launched their Pre-Budget Submission which sets out to provide an alternative vision for Ireland.

The Pre-Budget statement is designed to widen the debate about the available socio-economic choices beyond the parameters of the so-called ‘fiscal space’. Budgetary decision making is currently being framed within the extremely narrow set of parameters of the fiscal space which serves to hide the enormous and growing inequality in the distribution of wealth in our society. We reject these narrow parameters entirely. Read more ›

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