Brid Smith urges support for Right2Water demo Sept 17

Brid on water demo
In a statement issued by Brid Smith TD, the People Before Profit deputy claimed that Fine Gael are trying to bring back water charges through the back door. The newly elected TD for Dublin South Central said “They lost the election on the issue of water, but instead of listening to the people, they have created an “expert commission” packed full of people who have made their living from charging for water. Read more ›

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Brid Smith urges support for bus workers’ pay claim SIPTU members vote overwhelmingly for strike action

People Before Profit TD Brid Smith has welcomed another large vote for industrial action by Dublin bus drivers who are members of SIPTU. This follows a similarly large majority in favor of industrial action in the other major union, the NBRU.
Deputy Smith said the votes represented a great example of workers standing up after many years of cuts, wage freezes and austerity measures.
“The case for a decent pay rise for all workers is very stark, but especially with Dublin Bus workers; over 8 years of a pay freeze, with cuts to earning’s of 6 million euro on top of two major cost cutting plans; their case is totally justified”.
She also pointed out that the company had posted over 23 million euro in profits over the last three years despite huge cuts in public funding over the last 8 years.
Deputy Smith urges other workers to understand that that it is in their interests to support the battle of Dublin Bus workers.
“The establishment in this country are terrified of workers standing up for themselves after the years of austerity. That is why they will try to foster divide and rule and play workers against each other. I would urge all workers to support the bus drivers. A victory for them can inspire other workers to seek decent pay rises and put some fairness back in to this so called recovery”.1001980_654590657954175_3704541394509848734_n (2)
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Coveney’s housing plan – help rich developers get richer!

With homelessness at record levels all the government plans are about is helping rich developers get richer. Shame on them!

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Calling all Environmentalists!, March Climate in Rome Italy

While disappointed that my amendments didn’t succeed in changing the new Energy Bill, I am happy that we made some progress on challenging the corporate bias in state agencies like the SEAI (Sustainable energy Agency). The new bill states that people with experience in the fight against climate change and the environment will be sought for board vacancies. I understand there are two vacancies coming up and I would urge all interested from the “Environmental pillar” to apply and see if we can put climate and other environmental issues into the heart of this important state agency. Read more ›

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Direct Provision for refugees – the inhumanity of it!

Brid challenges the Tánaiste on ‘state-sponsored poverty’ and those who make money from misery.

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Legalise it!

Brid moves bill on legalisation of cannabis for medical use


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Brid slams sham debate on water charges

Brid Smith won’t be silenced when they pretend to debate

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Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the rest of us!

Plans to provide insurance for bankers should not be paid for by taxpayers – Brid spells out the issues.


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Child Benefit linked to school attendence – a disgrace!

Bríd lashes out at refusal of government to come clean.

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The EU helps create the refugee crisis – then blames the refugees!

Brid Smith TD slams the shameful record of the EU on the refugee crisis

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