Party Political Broadcast on behalf of People Before Profit Alliance. Vote Brid Smith on May 23rd [video]

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RTE Found to Have Infringed Rules on Fairness in Election Coverage


The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has upheld a complaint from Cllr. Bríd Smith (People Before Profit Alliance) and Paul Murphy MEP (Socialist Party) about RTE reporting of poll evidence on the Euro elections.

Commenting today Bríd Smith said: “RTE is under an obligation to behave in an impartial way during the coverage of elections. But they have acted in a disgraceful way throughout this campaign. Both Paul and myself have been vindicated in a recent complaint we made about how the station suppressed news of a dramatic rise in support for both our candidacies. We believe that this arises from a systemic bias which assumes that non-mainstream parties must be marginalised and not treated seriously.”

The BAI judgement is as follows: Read more ›

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Save Your Ambulance [video]

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Brid Smith calls on Brian Hayes to intervene to stop closure Tallaght Hospital crèche [Press Release]

21 May 2013

Following a meeting with parents using Tallaght Hospital crèche Brid Smith, People Before Profit MEP candidate for Dublin is calling on Brain Hayes, Minister and Fine Gael TD for Dublin South West to intervene and stop the crèche closure.

Commenting today Brid Smith said: “I was invited to a meeting this morning with the parents of The Small World Creche in Tallaght Hospital. The parents I met this morning are nurses, radiographers physiotherapists and admin staff who all do vital work in the hospital. They are all worried sick about the future. Read more ›

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Dirty Tricks Being Used to Shore up Political Establishment

Brid Smith, the People Before Profit candidate has claimed that she, Paul Murphy, Nessa Childers and Tom Darcy are victims of a dirty trick by an Post.

‘Residents of nursing homes in the Dublin area cast their votes a week before the date of the official ballot. Officials of the sheriff’s office tour the homes and allow residents to vote. ‘Yet today I was contacted by one of these homes to ask why 45 of elections addresses were delivered by An Post AFTER the residents had balloted. ‘The facts of the matter are as follows. Read more ›

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Aer Lingus & Dublin Airport workers have my full support


Workers at Aer Lingus and Dublin Airport have been forced to threaten strike action over a number of issues because of a macho management. I fully support their action and welcome the return of strong unions that stand up to bullying bosses.

The latest dispute issue at the airline is the roster arrangements for the cabin crew. The boss at Aer Lingus, Christian Mueller, does not have to work sixty hours over a seven day period. He probably gets to meet his family at regular intervals. But he still insists that it is impossible to change his inhumane rosters to make life a little easier for his staff. Read more ›

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“A movement of mass civil disobedience” to stop water charges [Press Conference]

cropped-People-Before-Profit3-e1390693056300.pngPeople Before Profit Alliance Press Conference (20 May 2014)

Candidates running for the People Before Profit alliance in Friday’s local elections have said they will help build “ a movement of mass civil disobedience” to stop water charges.

Speaking at the organisation’s final national press conference before the ballot, Lucan candidate Ruth Nolan said the resistance that had been seen to water charges in the west Dublin area was “a sign of things to come”.

“The victory in Cork where Irish Water was forced to remove the meters Read more ›

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Irish Times: Dublin Socialist European candidate urges voters to ‘wipe out Labour Party’


Irish Times today (20/5/14)

People Before Profit’s Bríd Smith spent yesterday morning canvassing workers as they came on and off shifts in An Post, CIÉ and Cadbury’s.

The Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll put Smith and Murphy within one percentage point of each other, on seven and six respectively. They both reckon it might be enough to get one of them over the line, if they transfer strongly to each other.

Smith’s canvassing style is chattier and lighter than Murphy’s as she works for votes outside the CIÉ/Dublin Bus canteen at Earl Place, behind Clerys on O’Connell Street.

Her 10am canvass is timed to meet as many drivers as possible as they take a break after the morning rush hour Read more ›

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Memet Uludag’s Open Letter to the People of Dublin 15, Castleknock-Blanchardstown

MemetPoster“Dear people of Dublin 15, Castleknock and Blanchardstown

As you may know, since April 30, there have been numerous racist acts of vandalism on my election posters.

First, a number of my posters in different parts of the ward were plastered with raw bacon…
• Then, a number of my posters were ripped apart, smashed…
• Next, some posters were taken down…
• Finally, there are now pictures of pigs placed on my face on the posters

This form of racist attack (‘bacon attack’) is a well known method used by the far-right, neo-nazis in the UK and some other European countries against Muslims.
I love my bacon, but not on my election posters, rather in the morning on the frying pan. Does it matter who, which candidate, has what beliefs or comes from what background?
What is happening to my posters is outright racism and it is not a spontaneous act of vandalism. Nobody walks around with a pack of bacon, pictures of pigs, Read more>

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Brid Smith supports TEEU campaign to force employers to adhere to a recognised rates of pay


In a statement today People Before Profit’s Dublin Euro MEP candidate declared her support for the TEEU campaign to force employers to adhere to a recognised rates of pay.

Commenting Brid Smith said: “Rogue employers launched a legal challenge to the Registered Employment Agreements and there is now a major battle afoot to keep €21.50 an hour rate.

“At a national level, the Minister for Enterprise Trade and Employment is receiving submissions about the correct rate but after a recent threatened national strike it has been agreed with two employer bodies to adhere to the existing rate for the moment. However even while this is underway, employers are continually trying to undermine the rate. Read more ›

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