The €5million FG spin machine is faulty! It let Leo spill the beans on how you REALLY do business in Ireland – get a Minister to make a call to the planning department. Sorted. And of course you can’t spin away broken services and homeless children. Maybe FG should get a refund! But actually…it was we, the taxpayers, who paid for this…wasn’t it!

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People Before Profit TD raises questions about Pro-Life campaign in light of Cambridge Analytica revelations

Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit    20/03/2018     Immediate Release

Referendum Commission must launch enquiry into online strategy and tactics of pro-life campaign

People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, has raised concerns about the potential for the Pro-Life campaign to use the data mining and profiling of voters to sway peoples voting in the upcoming repeal referendum.The TD for Dublin South Central said that questions needed to be asked as the Pro-Life campaign have been shown to be employing UCampaign who were involved in setting up apps to promote the Trump “America First” strategy. Read more ›

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Bríd on Primetime 15.3.18 Varadkar’s visit to Trump

LEO,TRUMP AND ST PATRICK! I was on Primetime last night discussing them. To be fair, St Patrick didn’t figure much – but wastn’t it astonishing that our Taoiseach jokes about bending the planning process for Trump in Clare! And how he could entertain that racist, sexist, homophobe? Surely we’ve gone beyond the days the “The Quiet Man”, where the cringing Irish have to suck up to ‘the rich Yank’!

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TD Slams head of Price Monitoring Groups regarding waste recycling

“China is  not the problem, unsustainable production of plastics and other waste is says Brid Smith TD.
Deputy Brid Smith of People before Profit has slammed comments from Mr  Frank Conway of the Governments Price Monitoring Group. Mr Conway  described the charging for green bins announced by Panda as “inevitable” because of the Chinese ban on imports of plastic waste.

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PBP TD calls for government intervention as waste companies set to increase green bin charges Waste companies must appear before Dáil Communications committee

Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit.   14/03/2018

People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith has called on the Minister for Communications, Environment and Climate Action to intervene and stop waste companies from introducing green bin charges.

Panda, Ireland’s largest waste company, has said that they will introduce a charge for green waste collection- a lift charge and a weight charge per kg from April 19th Panda have said the charge will result in a 21 euro increase, but Smith said some households will face much higher increases of over 100 euro.

“This is the predictable outcome of the privatisation of waste services, bin charges were justified as a way of getting people to recycle and separate waste; now they are been charged for that as well,” she said Read more ›

Bríd on Claire Byrne Live, 12.3.17, discusses Irish neutrality

MONEY FOR WAR OR MONEY FOR HEALTH? Given a choice most of us would say spend for health care, not for killing people. But our government wants to do the opposite. It makes me very angry. Our soldiers are underpaid, many depend on welfare to top up their pay, and they’ve saved thousands of lives in the Mediterranean and at home. But our money will not go to them, but to PESCO, the new European army.

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Brid Smith TD: Referendum on the Eighth Amendment – The Week in Politics

Bríd discussed various aspects of the forthcoming referendum on the eighth amendment to the consitution on The Week in Politics 11.3.18


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Bríd on RTE’s Week in Politics: Stats, Spin and visiting Trum

I was was on the The Week in Politics programme on RTE 1 last evening (11.3.17). Among other issues we discussed Garda statistices, Leo’s spin machine, and his impending visit to the USA and Trump.

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An Nuacht. So we have the wording, lets finish the debate and put Repeal of the Eight to the people in good time.

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Bríd Smith calls on Justice Minister to clarify if Shane O’Farrell case was misclassified by Pulse system

Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit    09/03/2018
Deputy Smith has asked the Minister for Justice to clarify if the unlawful killing of Shane O’Farrell was one of those cases misclassified on the Garda Pulse system.
The TD submitted a Parliamentary question following last weeks revelations from the Dail committee on Justice which heard evidence from two civilian members of the force about the wide-spread misclassification of homicide cases by Gardai on the Pulse system.

Shane’s mother Lucia Farrell has asked the Garda to clarify this but has so far received no answer from the authorities.

Shane was killed in a hit and run incident which has been the subject of calls for a public inquiry and is presently still under investigation with GSOC after six years.

Lucia has campaigned to raise awareness of Shane’s death and the subsequent Garda investigation and criminal proceedings.

Deputy Smith stated: “The state has treated the family of Shane very poorly and failed them on a number of occasions. They deserve an answer to the simple question was Shane’s case one of those misclassified or not?”

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