HANDS OFF OUR BUSES: a sample submission to the NTA

HANDS OFF OUR BUSES! Right across our city, communities are meeting in big numbers to organise resistance to the new ‘BUS CONNECT’ plan. This new ‘plan’ would see the end of many routes and big changes to others, changes that would particularly affect the most vulnerable in our communities – the old, the disabled, school kids, and young mothers. But these plans can be resisted if we stick together, like we did over water charges. The National Transport Authority (NTA), are the ones who designed the new BUS CONNECT plan. They have invited the public to make written submissions about BUS CONNECT. You can make your own submission, or else copy the one below; sign it, include your address and post your submission to: 

THE NATIONAL TRANSPORT AUTHORITY, Dun Sceine, Iveagh Court, Harcourt Lane, Dublin 2. Mark your submission RE: BUS CONNECT PROPOSALS.

Here’s what to copy and send to the address above:



This submission is an outright rejection of NTA plans to remove the following routes from the Drimnagh/Crumlin area

Route 122 / 123/ 18/ 77A/ 56A/ 27 and 151

I wish to object on the following grounds:

  • No direct access to O’Connell Street
  • No direct access to Synge Street School
  • No direct access to the Assumption School Walkinstown
  • No direct access to James Hospital by bus
  • No direct access to the Coombe Hospital
  • No direct access to the Eye & Ear Hospital
  • No direct access to South Circular Road/ Camden Street area
  • Extremely negative impact on older people
  • Extremely negative impact on people with disabilities
  • Extremely negative impact on school children
  • Extremely negative impact on mothers and babies
  • Crowding on Luas at Drimnagh area
  • Anti social behaviour near Luas stops in Drimnagh area
  • Extra expense by being forced to use Luas

There is a clear social need to maintain current bus services in our area.

There is no objection to other circular routes being added but not at the expense of the most vulnerable in our community.




Bríd Smith TD ar an Nuacht, 1.8.18

Ar an Nuacht anocht, I said the government’s penny-pitching practices were behind both the outsourcing of cervical smear tests, and the current treatment of the women negatively affected

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Brid Smith TD questions Facebook executives on Dáil committee 1.8.18.

I am on the Dáil committee that questioned Facebook executives over shoddy practices, highlighted in a recent Channel 4 programme. I put a series of questions to them. They were slick and clever, but many questions remained without a clear or satisfactory answer, and in some cases facts presented to them were simply denied . You can listen to their answers on the Oireachtas web site via these links: https://bit.ly/2LLtUZu (go to the end of video); and here: https://bit.ly/2Mdx70i (see the start of the video).

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Bríd Smith TD supporting the Lloyds Pharmacy strikers

Striking Lloyds phamacy workers and their supporters rally ouside the Ballyfermot store. Bríd addresses the gathering 20.7.18

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Lloyds picket 20 7 18 – Support rally outside Ballyfermot store

Clips from a brief morning rally of supporters of the Lloyds Pharmacy strike, outside the Ballyfermot store.

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Brid Smith TD on Brexit, the Border, and the GAA

On the Tonight Show TV3, 19.7.18. Topics – Brexit, mostly and the border, and some comments about GAA. Brief clips from the show.

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“Bully boy tactics will not defeat Ryanair workers” says Brid Smith TD.

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Ryanair sackings are attempt intimidate staff in union dispute

TD claims Spanish dismissals show Ryanair contempt for its workers.
Bully boy tactics will not defeat Ryanair workers” says Brid Smith TD.
The dismissal of four cabin crew at Ryanair in Spain has been slammed by Brid Smith TD as another example of the real intent of Ryanair’s management in the ongoing dispute with its workforce.
Deputy Smith rejected the company’s justification of the sackings and said fatigue and overworking are real issues at the  airline and workers should have a legal entitlement to refuse to operate outside the hours they are contracted to work.
These sackings highlight the core issues at the heart of the pilots dispute; its about workers having some security and control over the hours and shifts they work; its a basic trade union issue and this fits a pattern where Ryanair attempt to browbeat and bully its workers”

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Brid Smith TD – The Tonight Show

I was on The Tonight Show, 12.7.18. Some clips here – football, Brexit, Palestine, the Presidency….

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Brid Smith TD welcomes Fossil Fuel Bill in the Dáil

Delighted that the bill on Fossil Fuels got through, now lets have more ‘joined up’ thinking from all government departments on this, and lets hope my bill on ending dirty fuel exploration will pass in Sept

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Brid Smith TD speaks of the suffering caused by ‘vaginal mesh’ treatment

A vaginal mesh implant is a treatment given to women who experience pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence. The ‘mesh’ has caused untold suffering for thousands of women and its use has been suspended in the UK. The same must happen here. I called on the Minister to suspend this procedure immediately until more is known. Too many women are suffering.



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