Brid speaking to Gino’s Cannabis Bill in the Dáil

People Before Profit deputies are all very proud to speak to Gino Kenny’s Bill in the Dáil last night – well done Gino – the Cannabis for Medicinal Use Bill will make a real difference to the lives of many.

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Water Charges and who should pay – Bríd vs FG on Late Debate

Bríd was on the Late Debate on Radio1 recently about water charges and made the case for how water could, and should be paid for by taxes on wealth and corporations, not on ordinary people. She got the better of Jim Daly, FG and Cormac Lucey, Financial Analyst, fair play to her.

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Water commission a trick to get FF & FG off the hook


 Press Release- AAA-PBP

Water Commission a trick to leave the door open for water charges – Attempt to let Fianna Fail off the hook
Any ‘Bertie-Style stroke’ by Michael Martin to replace water charges with a new tax will be opposed

At a press conference this morning on the Dail Plinth, AAA-PBP TDs reacted to the findings of the Expert Commission on Water Charges.
Paul Murphy TD said “The report by the Expert Commission is a political fudge to allow Fine Gael to claim water charges are still in place and for Fianna Fail to say that water charges are gone.
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The brown envelope brigade fights back!

Amazing how upset FF and FG got in the Dáil today when reminded of their ‘brown envelope’ past. €150 million of taxpayers money went on the Mahon tribunal and how many corrrupt politicians got done? One. At the very least apply the recommendations of Mahon and make relevant political donations clear when applying for planning permission.

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Real risks ignored in National Plan

Brid questioned the Taoiseach about some real risks ignored in the Draft National Risks Assessment Plan, especially in the light of Trump’s election. She focusses on two issues, climate change and multinational corporations and argues that we greatly underestimate the threat posed by both – ignoring the effects of climate change and of facilitating tax evasion and avoidance of giant mutinationals.


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Nílimid ag íoch na taillí uisce

TnaG interviewed Deputy Brid Smith regarding water charges – guess what she said!

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No way – we won’t pay!

They can commission all the reports they like, and Fianna Fail can be for and against at the same time, in their usual two-faced way, but bottom line is what I said on the news tonight. We are not paying (twice) for water

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“Water Commission a set up to get Fianna Fail off the hook” says TD

pic-of-kenny-plus-othersDeputy Bríd Smith reacted to today’s Irish Examiner story by calling the Water Commission a preordained farce. The Irish Examiner story leaked some of the key elements of the commission report due out on Wednesday.


The story suggested that Water Charges would be back on the agenda but done in such a way to allow Fianna Fail move away from their previously stated opposition to any charges and Irish Water.
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Pension inequality – a serious issue to be addressed

Brid insisted on revisiting this issue because many pensioners, most of them women, stand to loose about 30 Euros per week in pension entitlements if the government is let get away with their plan to discriminate on an planned ‘ageist’ basis. She gave notice of her intention to mount a serious campaign nationally, on this issue, having been previously ruled out of order because to address the inequality would incur a cost to the State!

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Unfair ‘unfair dismissals’ laws and the Dunnes Stores strike.

Brid offers an example – an historic case of the Dunnes Stores strike 30 years ago – where unfair ‘unfair dismissals’ practices were used against the shop steward Karen Gearon.

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