This is a shout out for the Aramark strikers – this is just to explain the background. I hope to have other posts of the strikers themselves, soon

Pickets outside INSTANT UPRIGHT IRELAND in City West. The shop stewards here explain why they’re striking. Fair play to these men. Standing up and fighting back is the way to go. It takes courage and commitment, but these lads have that in spades. Proud to stand with them here today.

Thousands school secretaries have taken strike action today. They are protesting over a measly pay offer and to demand job security. People Before Profit fully supports the school secretaries. It is a disgrace that the Workplace Relations Commission awarded them a tiny 1.5% increase. They deserve far more. They should be put on the payroll of the Department of Education and given proper job security. It is our hope that the teachers union will come out fully in support of their colleagues.

Not content with threatening striking nurses, and letting the children’s hospital costs rip, this government is refusing to acknowledge the right of AMBULANCE WORKERS to be represented by the union of their choice. And shame on Finian McGrath, a supposedly Independent Left TD, himself a former trades unionist, standing in for Harris’s and doing his dirty work. Nasra Eire Abú!

How dare Varadkar try to bully the nurses over Brexit, as though the mess were their fault. And how dare the spin machine make out nurses are greedy. A staff nurse starts at €29k and it takes 15 years before getting to €45k. Some, but not all, of the points I made to the Taoiseach this afternoon. I call on all who can to get down to the picket nearest them tomorrow and stand with the nurses.

Bríd addressed various issues on this popular radio programme; this is a recording of her comments on Brexhi and the border, the new children’s hospital overspend, the forthcoming nurses strike, and outsourcing women’s health care

I spoke in the Dáil today on the nurses strike. In the gallery were nurses, student nurses and their union reps. Shamefully, Minister Donohue saw fit not to attend and Minister Harris left early. Shame on them. There is a simple solution to this dispute PAY THE NURSES