I was in a special Dáil committee during the week on the aviation industry. Representatives of both Ryanair and Aer Lingus appeared before the committee. They want state aid, and produced lots of figures to back up their claim. However, they left out the figures for profits they made over recent years, that run into €Billions. And disgustingly, Ryanair are taking 11 pilots to court for ORGANISING A UNION BALLOT, going after them personally for €13.5 million!! I believe in supporting airline workers, not the shareholders and CEOs of the companies that employ them.

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Ryanair sackings are attempt intimidate staff in union dispute

TD claims Spanish dismissals show Ryanair contempt for its workers.
Bully boy tactics will not defeat Ryanair workers” says Brid Smith TD.
The dismissal of four cabin crew at Ryanair in Spain has been slammed by Brid Smith TD as another example of the real intent of Ryanair’s management in the ongoing dispute with its workforce.
Deputy Smith rejected the company’s justification of the sackings and said fatigue and overworking are real issues at the  airline and workers should have a legal entitlement to refuse to operate outside the hours they are contracted to work.
These sackings highlight the core issues at the heart of the pilots dispute; its about workers having some security and control over the hours and shifts they work; its a basic trade union issue and this fits a pattern where Ryanair attempt to browbeat and bully its workers”Read more »
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Michael O Leary is the poster boy for the Irish rich. He said things they dared not say. Above all, they loved his refusal to recognise unions for thirty two years.
But their big hero has been broken. Co-ordinated strike action by pilots across national borders has brought O Leary to his knees.
Being a pilot is regarded as a high status job. Many would even regard them as ‘middle class’ and not the sort of people who join unions.Read more »

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Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit 15/12/2017

Brid Smith says O’Leary statement has boosted workers confidence but fight for full union rights still goes on

People Before Profit TD, Brid Smith, has said she is delighted that Ryanair, who she described as a “notorious anti-union employer”, has said it would be prepared to recognise trade unions.

The move is historic and clearly an attempt to avert strike action that was planned next week by pilots and was gathering huge support among all Ryanair workers.

But the TD warned that given its history of anti-worker and anti-union actions the detail of its commitment to recognise trade unions had to be examined.Read more »

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“Bullying, blackmail and threats will not stop campaign for the right to union recognition,” says Brid Smith  TD

People Before Profit TD, Brid Smith, has said that a letter sent by Ryanair to pilots in Bergamo Italy should be condemned by the Irish Government and the Minister for Transport Shane Ross.

Deputy Smith said the letter was the worst example of intimidation and bullying by an employer she had seen in 30 years of trade union activity.Read more »

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“This is 2017, not a rerun of 1913; workers have the right to be represented by a union,” says Brid Smith TD

Questions remain over state regulator and its oversight in aviation industry says the Dublin South Central TD

People Before Profit TD, Brid Smith, today called for the full support of the trade union movement for the Ryanair pilots based in Ireland and across Europe who have voted for strike action for union recognition.

A large majority of pilots based in Ireland have voted to strike over a range of issues at the airline including the right to be represented by a union of their choice as opposed to a company appointed representative body. Hundreds more pilots based in Italy and Portugal are supporting the union recognition campaign.Read more »

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Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit 05/12/2017

Failure to hear important evidence from pilots could have grave consequences- Bríd Smith TD

It is with dismay that Deputy Smith learned today from IALPA (Irish Airline Pilots Association) that tomorrow’s meeting of Transport Tourism and Sport Joint Oireachtas Committee on Working Hours for Pilots and Implications for Pilots Welfare has been cancelled for the third time.

Bríd Smith TD said, “This is a matter of grave public concern. The issue of airline and aviation safety needs to be examined and understood by the Oireachtas Committee. The cancellation without reason of this important meeting tomorrow morning could have grave consequences.

Read more »

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