I’ve just finished speaking in Dail to the new Social Protection Minister. I spoke mostly on the pensions issue, and also about how unfair, and unproductive it is, to ignore tax cheats in the corporate sector, while hounding the poor. Will she be any better than Leo? Don’t hold your breath.

                       Separate church and state- Establishment lagging behind public anger

Solidarity- People Before Profit TDs Bríd Smith and Ruth Coppinger have said that they, and their colleagues, will not be standing for the Dáil prayer.Read more »

Brid moves bill on legalisation of cannabis for medical use


AAA-PBP submitted a motion today to reverse Bin Charge hikes and to reinstate waivers for low income families – both the bitter legacy of neo-liberal policies of successive Governments.

Simon Coveney has since been back pedalling rapidly, talking of introducing a new Statutory Instrument next week.

The Government is backing down already. Let’s see how they vote next week!