To listen to the way the levy on petrol and diesel is presented sounds like a good idea. Except when you look at it, its actually about getting more money out of people who have little alternative but to use their (old) car, and does nothing to tackle the fossil fuel industry, nor does it do anything positive for the planet. Ditto with proposed use of ‘biogas’. Looks like a good idea – but actually, could accelerate rather than retard, global warming. This Climate Fund issue is seriously concerning

Regarding the climate & biodiversity measures in the proposed Programme for Government, “..YOU CAN FOOL YOURSELVES BUT YOU CAN’T FOOL SCIENCE, AND YOU CAN’T FOOL NATURE”. There is nothing in the Programme but pious phrases and ticking boxes – its a betrayal of the Climate Movement. I say to those who are sincere – don’t Greenwash this betrayal. Better to build the movement against #climatechange etc, on the streets, among the youth, in our communities, than believe FF/FG’s snake-like spin.

She outlines the situation regarding Covid clusters in the meat plants, the effects of continuing current policies on land use and cattle numbers on Climate and the potential for ‘green’ policies in the context of a Green/FF/FG coalition. Minister Creed responds, sort of.

Topics include discussion on the recent Dail row about ‘money messaging’, attacks on mangers of companies formally owned by Quinn, and the Fine Gael initiative on plastic cups


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