Kennedy Wilson is a multi-billion dollar US property company who bought up property and land in Ireland after the financial crash. They did it through the government’s disastrous NAMA scheme, which allowed vulture funds and property speculators to buy land and properties like this one here at Clancy Barracks, which currently has over 190 apartments lying empty. Last night’s RTE Investigates program showed the harrowing experiences of people who are living on our streets – hundreds of people forced to sleep rough every night. We are calling on the government to CPO (compulsory purchase order) these properties immediately, as the Spanish state did in Barcelona. That way, we can house everybody who lives here, whether they’re from Carlow, or Tuam, whether they’re migrants or asylum seekers. There is enough space in this country for everyone to have a home. We need to kick out the vultures. No more profiting from the housing crisis.


Bríd speaks to the SF motion noting that not only is there not enough refuges, or places in them, for women fleeing violence in their own home, but into the bargain, homeless services don’t recognise domestic violence as a reason for becoming homeless!

The radio programme is live-streamed, so visual quality is imperfect. Here are clips of Brid discussing the new report on children involved in crime, discussion of refugees and of the ex FG TD (2 Jobs) Dara Murphy.


The march by thousands of people through Dublin today (5.11.19) was a moving and powerful experience. Lets hope this is the start of a movement that will punish the landlord parties and see in real housing reform.

Bríd addresses a local rally at the disused Players Wills factory on SCR. The rally was to highlight the failure of NAMA to deliver this site for public and affordable housing, instead of developer’s profits. It was also to publicise the National Homeless and Housing Coalition march planned for Dec 1st.