Sodexo are a global, multi Billion Euro/Dollar company with a range of operations that include running prisons. They have been accused of human rights abuses that include the very questionable deaths of black women in prisons. So why on earth do we have a representative of Sodexo on a very sensitive committee – a Committee to Combat Racism!!


Topics discussed were the long-awaited ‘Programme for Government’, and the future for the FF/FG/Greens coalition; racism in Ireland, masking up to beat Covid and the issue of education in the context of Covid

On bank holiday Monday, May 31st, a rally to protest the killing of George Floyd, was called via social media by some young people in Dublin. It was held outside the residence of the US ambassador in the Phoenix Park. I was pleased to address them.

There are few things that make me as angry as bullying. The powerful bullying the weak. Fine Gaelers blaming, and bullying, refugees. And why? to distract from their own mis-rule. Low-life. RTE news tonight had this following clip.



They failed us on housing. They failed us on health..on childcare…on every issue that matters. So who do they blame? Refugees of course!! The most unfortunate of people, made scapegoats by the morally and socially bankrupt politicians of FG. Verona Murphy is deplorable, but that Varadkar fails to stand her down, speaks volumes. Shame on them all.