Leo Varadkar and cabinet Ministers are prepared to disrespect the survivors of Mother and Baby Homes, and the Seanad into the bargain, by rushing through legislation with indecent haste. The proposed laws would mean the records from these homes would be put beyond proper scrutiny for 30 years. The survivors are outraged, as am I. I spoke about this in the Dáil today.


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HIT THE ONES WHO CAN LEAST AFFORD IT. That’s the motto for the FFG government. Disgracefully, grants given by Bord Gais at the outset of Covid are now being clawed back for ‘pay-as-you-go’ customers, so that now when you buy €20 worth of gas, you only get €8 worth. And this is supposed to be a benefit for people? And now increased CARBON TAXES on people who already in fuel poverty and have no alternatives; this is cruel and won’t stop climate change. They should tax the mega-rich fossil fuel corporations instead.

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I spoke today on the language Bill, as Gaelige, but I also made a plea for the campaign, as Bearla, that People Before Profit Cllr Hazel De Nortúin, have been a prime mover in. Hazel has succeeded in getting a Naíonara opened in Ballyfermot, but we need proper #gaelscoileanna for D10 and D12, that have none. Though this is a Dept of Education issue I called on Catherine Martin the Minister for the Irish language to support our campaign.

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Gino Kenny’s Bill, would allow people suffering from a terminal illness the choice to end their life instead of suffering needlessly. The protection of ‘vulnerable people’ is a reason given for not supporting Gino’s Bill, But our society fails in protecting people now – look at the deaths in our nursing homes! It would be shameful to delay this Bill. I spoke to this in the Dáil last week


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The government  (using our money) are KPMG’s biggest customer. KPMG received multiple millions in government contracts over recent years – costs, seemingly no object. Like the €11 Million for advice on Broadband, that turned out to be a fiasco. KPMG are now the liquidators for Debenhams. So couldn’t government Ministers call in KPMG and demand justice for #Debenhams workers.  Of course they could. I put this to Eamonn Ryann today in the Dáil.

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