A row erupted on the eve of the Dáil Summer recess. This row was not a procedural row and the anger of many was real as the Govt , Including ALL of the Green party voted to relegate the voices of opposition in the Dail; it wasn’t about speaking time; that remains the same. It was about ensuring the opposition in smaller parties are pushed down the order and ignored by media and press.

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With this new government legislation coming into effect on the 10th August, landlords can evict again, after a temporary ban on evictions over the last few months. This bill – effectively making it legal again to evict tenants – will strike fear into the hearts of many families and individuals who were protected only due to emergency evictions ban that was in place. This minister is loyal to the landlords. What about the thousands of people who are terrified they will have nowhere to live?


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WATER IS NOW BEING RATIONED. That’s in the Skellig Star Hotel, in Cahirsiveen, which is being used as a Direct Provision centre, despite it being described as ‘completely inappropriate’ by a public health official. 32 residents are in the third day of hunger strike. I named the owner in the Dáil this morning, and the fact that I named him seems to have been of greater concern to Varadkar than the welfare of the asylum seekers.

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I was in a special Dáil committee during the week on the aviation industry. Representatives of both Ryanair and Aer Lingus appeared before the committee. They want state aid, and produced lots of figures to back up their claim. However, they left out the figures for profits they made over recent years, that run into €Billions. And disgustingly, Ryanair are taking 11 pilots to court for ORGANISING A UNION BALLOT, going after them personally for €13.5 million!! I believe in supporting airline workers, not the shareholders and CEOs of the companies that employ them.

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To listen to the way the levy on petrol and diesel is presented sounds like a good idea. Except when you look at it, its actually about getting more money out of people who have little alternative but to use their (old) car, and does nothing to tackle the fossil fuel industry, nor does it do anything positive for the planet. Ditto with proposed use of ‘biogas’. Looks like a good idea – but actually, could accelerate rather than retard, global warming. This Climate Fund issue is seriously concerning

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