Deputy Brid Smith today welcomed and supported the pay claims made by various groups of workers from both private and public sector.

 In leaders questions with the Taoiseach she pointed out the hypocrisy of recent  statements from Government ministers and others like John Moran , formerly Ministers Noonan’s Sec Gen at Finance.

Deputy Smith challenged the Taoiseach on why it is only worker’s wages that face constraints, while profits, rents, insurance costs or health care face no such constraints or limits. Only workers face the tough talking and posturing of Varadkar or Moran etc. she stated.

Pointing out that any pay increases for nurses teachers or private sector workers would be spent in the local economy or returned in taxes, Brid highlighted how the Government showed no such toughness when dealing with corporate landlords, Reits’, Vulture funds or developers who they showered with tax breaks in the last budget.

“Unlike vulture funds, nurses and other workers will spend in the local economy. The Government and their cheerleaders were again trying to divide and rule by pitting workers against unemployed and private sector against public. In reality, the real divide was between the tiny fraction at the top of society and the rest. It was hilarious to hear Leo Varadkar and John Moran now posing as the defenders of the socially vulnerable.”

 While Varadkar continued his war on social welfare recipients and lone parents, Mr Moran, former banker and ex Sec Gen of Finance on 200,000 per year who had been dubbed “Mr Austerity” was now pretending to be concerned about the vulnerable sections of society that he previously had no problem targeting to bail out the banks and bond holders.

Deputy Smith urged workers and unions not to be deflected by the media attacks and bias, stating that a fair recovery would never come to workers by commissions or inquirys’ but by their own actions and determinations.

Link to Debate; http://oireachtasdebates.oireachtas.ie/debates%20authoring/DebatesWebPack.nsf/takes/dail2016111600009#N5