“Water Commission a set up to get Fianna Fail off the hook” says TD

pic-of-kenny-plus-othersDeputy Bríd Smith reacted to today’s Irish Examiner story by calling the Water Commission a preordained farce. The Irish Examiner story leaked some of the key elements of the commission report due out on Wednesday.


The story suggested that Water Charges would be back on the agenda but done in such a way to allow Fianna Fail move away from their previously stated opposition to any charges and Irish Water.

Deputy Smith warned that if Fianna Fail back any form of charges they would pay a heavy price. “44 Fianna Fail TD’s were elected on a promise to fight water charges, anything else will be a betrayal of those voters and they will pay the price for it.”


The Dublin South Central TD warned that both Fianna Fail and Fine Gael will face huge street protests again next year if they ignore the people’s decision on water charges. “The fact of the matter is that time and time again people turned out in huge numbers to protest against the water charges and Irish Water. Only the total and absolute scrapping of water charges and Irish Water will do.”


Deputy Smith also pointed out the obvious hypocrisy in the government’s claim that they have no other option than heed the threats of the EU on water charges and their total resistance to accepting the Apple Tax ruling. “People will not be fooled by this commission or talk of “Europe forced us “, they ignored and actively campaigned against Europe when it came to the €13bn in Apple Tax” said Smith.


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