TD says comments from new Minister at Natural Resources  department show “utter disregard for facts on climate change”

Press Release 31.10.18

Brid Smith TD has described as extremely worrying comments from Sean Canney while addressing delegates at the Atlantic Ireland exploration conference in Dublin.

The Minister effectively pledged Government support for future exploration for gas and oil in Ireland. He criticised a proposed Bill from Brid Smith of People before Profit that would ban future licencing for exploration saying it would do nothing to reduce Irelands emissions.Brid Smith responded by saying that the new Minister has simply repeated the same misinformation and denial of his predecessor. “He is ignoring the science, he is ignoring the reality of climate change and he is ignoring the most recent IPCC report and our commitments to the Paris Treaty,. It is in fact this Government that will do nothing to reduce our Co2 emissions.”

The TD said that Canney’s comments were depressing in light of the recent IPCC report which gave the world 12 years to make serious cuts to global emissions. “ Is the minister denying the fact that 80% of proved reserves of oil and gas must remain in the ground to give us any chance of stopping catastrophic climate change? Or is he just saying that doesn’t concern him?

The TD condemned the minister for acting as a cheer leader for fossil fuel exploration companies who “don’t give  a dam about climate or facts. If found and if produced , any gas and oil in the Irish state will add to global emissions , will lock us into another 50 years of fossil fuel dependence and will crowd out renewable alternatives, the minister’s ignorance is breath-taking”.

The TD added that the Climate Emergency Measures will  proceed through the Dail regardless of the Governments opposition and had huge support from many people across the country .