TD condemns DCC move to strike  6000 off  housing waiting list.

Decision a “shocking bureaucratic manoeuvre that hides scale of crisis” says TD.

Brid Smith TD, a former DCC councillor has expressed shock at the move to strike off 6000 people from the DCC housing list.

There may be a host of reasons why people would fail to return the councils questionnaires. Many of these applicants are extremely vulnerable people who may have difficulty with questionnaires and may not have realised the importance of it, others may have changed address. There must be some mechanism for appeals for this people who remain in housing need but failed to return the forms for whatever reason.”

Deputy Smith said the councils own statistics raised questions about the 5 thousand plus struck off the list; “They have no idea why these people did not return the forms. But we all know that it’s unlikely that many have found suitable accommodation or are no longer in housing need”

“The reality is that the housing crisis is getting worst with more people in need and less options available. The HAP scheme is in free fall with landlords opting out and families facing evictions. In such circumstances a drop of 22% from the DCC list has to be seriously questioned”