Back in 2008, a single person could earn €35,400 before being hit with the top rate of income tax. Now it is €33,800.

taxing the many
The property tax for an average home in south Dublin city is €585.
Water charges are currently capped at €260 a year for a family but will rise if we do not defeat them
A raft of PAYE tax reliefs have been either abolished or curtailed. An individual who spends about €1,000 a year on medical bills, for example, is losing out on €210 in tax relief a year.
Seven years ago, your PRSI covered the cost of fillings, teeth cleaning, x-rays, extractions, root canal treatment and gum cleaning. However since January 2010 your PRSI has only covered the cost of a dental check-up.
Mothers now have to pay tax on the €230 state’s maternity pay – depending on how much they earn. This means working mums could lose more than €2,000 of their maternity benefit of €5,980 to tax.
Meanwhile the government says that it does not want to claim the €8 -17 billion that Apple owe in back taxes. It is too busy taxing the many to support the greed of the few.