Sectioning of girl the latest outrage caused by 8th amendment and the PLDP act says Brid Smith TD.

Comments by Varadkar example of politicians’ cowardice on this issue says TD.

People before Profit TD Brid Smith says that the news of the sectioning of a young girl who wanted a termination and was possibly suicidal because of the pregnancy, shows the urgent need to repeal the 8th amendment and scrap the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act.

Deputy Smith says this latest case is “yet another example of how these inhuman and cruel laws are used to treat woman as second class citizens and deny them basic autonomy over their bodies.”

“This case yet again highlights the urgency of the Dail Committee on the Citizens’ Assembly completing its work as quickly as possible and allowing the people a referendum on repealing the 8th amendment”.Read more »

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I was glad to have the opportunity on Vincent Brown’s programme last night to have a go at Varuka. He’s spending big public money on a minimal amount of welfare fraud but doesn’t have enough resources to make sure new mothers get their maternity benefits. But sure they’re only women!!!!

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VARADKAR THE SNOB – NO UNDERSTANDING OF LIFE FOR ORDINARY PEOPLE. Brid made the point today in the Dáil that BUS EIREANN strikers face hardship, as do people depending on public transport, and hardship is nothing that Varadakar and his kind ever have, or ever will, experience. So he makes flippant comments about subsidies to public services while the government ignores the €100 million in unanticipated VAT returns that could fix this strike today. The contempt of this government for ordinary people becomes more evident by day.

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Brid was on Claire Byrne’s radio programme with Leo Varadaker and others. The latest scandal in the Gardai, was discussed as well as Leo’s plans to further pamper the rich with tax breaks. But what Brid really wanted to talk about was the bus strike. Its really annoying when the important stuff gets passed over.Have a listen – see what you think.


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The table from the Oireachtas website shows clearly the way each TD voted in respect of my Bill to get rid of the 14 year prison sentence for abortion. The table shows the following:
– those who voted TÁ are listed on the left colum, they supported the Government to stop my Bill going through
– those who voted NÍL are listed on the right, they supported me to enable the Bill go through
– those who abstained are listed under STAON in the middle colum and refused to support me. Shamefully, these are mostly Sinn Féin deputiesRead more »

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Deputy Brid Smith today welcomed and supported the pay claims made by various groups of workers from both private and public sector.

 In leaders questions with the Taoiseach she pointed out the hypocrisy of recent  statements from Government ministers and others like John Moran , formerly Ministers Noonan’s Sec Gen at Finance.

Deputy Smith challenged the Taoiseach on why it is only worker’s wages that face constraints, while profits, rents, insurance costs or health care face no such constraints or limits. Only workers face the tough talking and posturing of Varadkar or Moran etc. she stated.Read more »

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Leo Varadkar’s comments about more hospital beds ‘slowing down’ hospitals shows why he should never be returned as a Health Minister.

Councillor Brid Smith, People Before Profit candidate, said,

Varadkar has let the PR mask slip and revealed his true philosophy. He wants to keep the public health system under pressure so that the staff are worked to the bone and there is a carry over trade for private hospitals.


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