Bríd Smith TD challenges government over NASRA ambulance workers

Not content with threatening striking nurses, and letting the children’s hospital costs rip, this government is refusing to acknowledge the right of AMBULANCE WORKERS to be represented by the union of their choice. And shame on Finian McGrath, a supposedly Independent Left TD, himself a former trades unionist, standing in for Harris’s and doing his dirty work. Nasra Eire Abú!

2 Comments on “Bríd Smith TD challenges government over NASRA ambulance workers

  1. Hi brid my name is Maria and I’m looking after my father with mobile and vascular dementia. I’m mind him all day and my brother comes home from work and takes over. MY dad won’t sit down at all and won’t go to bed because he thinks it’s not his house and is continually asking to be brought home to ( childhood home) he has become impossible to manage. My health is not good, I had an hour to live last march. My brother had a stroke so his health is not great. We are trying to get him into care but it’s taken so long we are waiting on a court date so we can send in the forms. His two week rest bite which to be honest I was living for had to be cancelled due to the strike. I got him in because I have to get my back done on the 13th next week that probably won’t happen either. His day care was cancelled as well. He needs to be in care for his sake as well as ours but I can’t get him in. His day care and restbite is in Cherryorchard. Do u know if we could get him in while the forms are being sorted as I can’t cope any longer. Sorry for the long message. I’m just at the end of my my fathers name is myles quinn.

    • sorry Maria, I’m only seeing your message now. Can you come into the clinic please – 10-12 in the Ballyfermot office (above Iceland) on Mondays and Fridays. So sorry to hear of your very difficult circumstance.