People Before Profit reiterate their support for full Repeal of the 8th Amendment


Ireland remains a deeply unequal society for women

Ireland remains a very unequal place for women. Economically and socially women continue to experience disadvantage in many different ways. Women are grossly underrepresented in the Dail, and equal pay is still far from being a reality for the vast majority of women. One of the biggest measures of this deeply embedded inequality is the 8th Amendment.

People Before Profit today are reconfirming their commitment to repealing the 8th Amendment and to continuing the fight for women’s equality in Ireland.

Bríd Smith of People Before Profit said-

“Inequality in our society towards women is rife. Bodily autonomy is a privilege that men enjoy – however this is not afforded to women. The presence of the 8th Amendment in our constitution is the height of discrimination. In this country, abortion is a crime, except where the life of the woman is at risk. In all other circumstances, abortion is a crime carrying a sentence of up to 14 years for the woman as well as for those who assist her. Abortion is banned in the cases of rape, incest and fatal foetal abnormalities. Because of the 8th Amendment, the life of a woman in this country is equated to that of a foetus.

“Every year 4,000 Irish women travel to the UK for an abortion. This figure does not take into account other women who travel to other jurisdictions, order abortion pills online or have medical abortions at home. What we need in this country is full equality for women. We must repeal the 8th Amendment and give women the right to choose.”

Deirdre Wadding said-

“Various reports and polls have been published such as a Red C poll commissioned by Amnesty International which shows 81% support amongst the population for widening the grounds for abortion, 67% believe abortion should be decriminalised and only 7% oppose abortion in all circumstances.

“It is clear from these statistics and from numerous other surveys that the vast majority of people want to make abortion more widely available to women here in this country, and a sizeable number are in favour of making abortion available in all circumstances so that women have choice and control over their own bodies. On several occasions in recent years, international organisations such as the United Nations have taken the Irish State to task for its draconian abortion regime. It is time Ireland got out of the Dark Ages and legislated for a woman’s right to choose.

“People Before Profit would like to show our total and absolute support for the full repeal of the 8thAmendment and for full equality for all women living in this country.”


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