No to Fracking! Leave it in the Ground.

Brid Smith TD reports from her committee meeting earlier:  “I’m deeply suspicious about the report on fracking as presented this evening by the EPA and CDM – a company themselves engaged in fracking – to an Oireachteas committee that I’m on. The committee deals with environment and climate change; the Dáil has decided to ban fracking, so why are we now considering how it might be done ‘safely’ ? There is no safe fracking. There is no justification for increasing fossil fuel use. Leave it in the ground.”


1 Comment on “No to Fracking! Leave it in the Ground.

  1. Thanks for your report from the committee meeting. What is going on here is a subversion of democracy. The CDM report would have been considered before the vote to ban fracking. There is no place for CDM Smith personell in examining a bill that has been passed by our elected representatives. Mussolini once described that kind of marriage of state and corporate interests as the ultimate in fascism.