Keep it simple – make it early

People Before Profit TD Brid Smith is calling on the Taoiseach and his cabinet to opt for a simple “Repeal” or “Repeal Simpliciter” at their meeting on Monday 29th January which will decide the wording and the date of the referendum on 8th Amendment to the constitution.

Deputy Smith said “It is worth noting that fourteen of twenty TD’s and Senators who worked on the special joint Oireachtas Committee on 8th Amendment voted to recommend a straightforward repeal of the Eighth Amendment. This is a signifcant majority on the committee and must therefore carry some weight and influence with the Cabinet in reaching their decision. Even if the Attorney General does not recommend a simple Repeal there was very significant legal advice given to the committee that any attempt to keep abortion in the constitution could be very problematic and that it is impossible to give absolute legal certainty in trying to do so.”

Deputy Smith again reiterated that an early referendum is essential if we are to give people of child bearing age and future generations a say in this important issue. According to Brid Smith “The most recent poll shows that young people are the most passionate on this issue with 74% favouring Repeal and no restrictions up to twelve weeks. It is they who will have to make decisions about their reproductive health and lives and are clearly asking us to trust them and give them that choice.”

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar indicated in the Dail in recent weeks in reply to questioning from Deputy Smith that he favours a referendum on 25th May in order to give the maximum amount of students the chance to vote. Brid Smith TD has called on the Taoiseach to “Stick to the committment for an early referendum, to keep it simple and make it as early as possible. We should not tolerate any further delay in the Dail on this debate but need to move now to put some shape on the question that needs to be answered in an early referendum to finally give abortion access to pregnant people in this country.”

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