HANDS OFF OUR BUSES: a sample submission to the NTA

HANDS OFF OUR BUSES! Right across our city, communities are meeting in big numbers to organise resistance to the new ‘BUS CONNECT’ plan. This new ‘plan’ would see the end of many routes and big changes to others, changes that would particularly affect the most vulnerable in our communities – the old, the disabled, school kids, and young mothers. But these plans can be resisted if we stick together, like we did over water charges. The National Transport Authority (NTA), are the ones who designed the new BUS CONNECT plan. They have invited the public to make written submissions about BUS CONNECT. You can click on this link for SUBMISSION TO THE NATIONAL TRANSPORT AUTHORITY that Bríd and busworkers put together, or else copy the one below, or make your own; sign it, include your address and post your submission to: 

THE NATIONAL TRANSPORT AUTHORITY, Dun Sceine, Iveagh Court, Harcourt Lane, Dublin 2. Mark your submission RE: BUS CONNECT PROPOSALS.

Here’s what to copy and send to the address above:



This submission is an outright rejection of NTA plans to remove the following routes from the Drimnagh/Crumlin area

Route 122 / 123/ 18/ 77A/ 56A/ 27 and 151

I wish to object on the following grounds:

  • No direct access to O’Connell Street
  • No direct access to Synge Street School
  • No direct access to the Assumption School Walkinstown
  • No direct access to James Hospital by bus
  • No direct access to the Coombe Hospital
  • No direct access to the Eye & Ear Hospital
  • No direct access to South Circular Road/ Camden Street area
  • Extremely negative impact on older people
  • Extremely negative impact on people with disabilities
  • Extremely negative impact on school children
  • Extremely negative impact on mothers and babies
  • Crowding on Luas at Drimnagh area
  • Anti social behaviour near Luas stops in Drimnagh area
  • Extra expense by being forced to use Luas

There is a clear social need to maintain current bus services in our area.

There is no objection to other circular routes being added but not at the expense of the most vulnerable in our community.