Dirty Tricks Being Used to Shore up Political Establishment

Brid Smith, the People Before Profit candidate has claimed that she, Paul Murphy, Nessa Childers and Tom Darcy are victims of a dirty trick by an Post.

‘Residents of nursing homes in the Dublin area cast their votes a week before the date of the official ballot. Officials of the sheriff’s office tour the homes and allow residents to vote. ‘Yet today I was contacted by one of these homes to ask why 45 of elections addresses were delivered by An Post AFTER the residents had balloted. ‘The facts of the matter are as follows.

‘I was asked to deliver my election literature to An Post on a designated date and did so on time. An Post
explained to me that my literature would be one of the last to be delivered and would come in a batch with three other candidates, including Nessa Childers and Paul Murphy. I objected tgo that at the time but could not change An Post’s decision.
‘An Post must have known that the last literature to arrive would miss the thousands of residents of nursing homes. But they deliberately relegated non –political establishment candidates to the last day of delivery.
‘Even the Green Party – which has no TD in Dail Eireann – had their mail delivered before those of two MEPS and a party with a TD in Dail Eireann.
‘The continuing bias against the so-called ‘other’ parties has to be exposed.
The fairest way of distributing literature would have been for all literature to be distributed well in advance or if that was not possible for lots to be drawn for selected dates.’