Bríd Smith welcomes announcement of May referendum

Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit    29/01/2018

Bríd Smith welcomes announcement of May referendum

Calls on people to get active to win the vote to repeal

Deputy Bríd Smith has welcomed the announcement of a May referendum on the 8th Amendment and is calling on all those who want to see an end to this barbaric section of the constitution to get active in winning the vote.

“This is a very important moment and it would not have happened without the energy, commitment and activism of the Repeal Movement and the pressure that this has put on the Government. We cannot be complacent but need to put our shoulders to the wheel and ensure that we win a clear and strong majority for Repeal of the 8th. We need to build a vibrant, dynamic campaign, similar to that of the same-sex marriage referendum and we can change Ireland forever.”

Deputy Smith added, “Nobody should doubt the tactics of the anti-choice movement and their ability to spend endless amounts of money on pushing their agenda to prevent women having the right to abortion in Ireland. There are already indications that they will use dodgy agencies such as those used by Trump and the gun lobbyists in the US. But we have tens of thousands of young people willing to fight for Repeal. Recent polls showed 74% of those aged between 18 and 24 favour Repeal and access without restriction up to 12 weeks.”

“We need to keep the message simple- Repeal the 8th, Trust Women, for Free Safe and Legal abortion here. I am encouraging all activists to unite around these demands and get stuck in to build their local groups that will canvass and mobilise the biggest vote possible for Repeal in May.”


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