AAA-PBP call on Independent Alliance to oppose Fine Gael threats to delay Repeal Bill


Responding to reports that Fine Gael may use a parliamentary device to impede the progress of the AAA-PBP Bill which provides for a referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment, Ruth Coppinger TD said:   “These threats are being reported as being motivated to placate the Independent Alliance TDs who voted for this same Bill 18 months ago and have not yet ruled out supporting it again.
There is no justification whatsoever to either prevent the debate happening or in any way delaying the progress of the Bill for a prolonged period of time. Standing Order 148 is normally used when a Bill is ill-conceived or without sufficient debate, but this is the third Repeal Bill to be debated in the Dail and it is perfectly clear a majority of the population now support a referendum. 87 percent want abortion access expanded and tens of thousands of young people have marched for Repeal.


“While the establishment dithers and delays and convenes its Citizens’ Assembly for up to another year, women accessing abortion via the pill or travelling abroad continues unabated and that will not change.”


Brid Smith TD added:


“I reject the idea that we need Citizens’ Assemblies or delaying parliamentary tactics on Fine Gael’s part in order to allow for more debate and discussion on this issue. We’ve frankly had enough debate and it’s long past time to put the issue to the entire voting population for a vote.


“I would strongly encourage people even in the few days ahead of us before next Tuesday night’s debate to lobby their TDs to support the Bill and come out on the protest taking place at the gates of the Dáil that evening at 5:30pm organised by the Coalition to Repeat the 8th Amendment.”




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