I spoke against the governments highly discriminatory Bill last night, which is basically ‘mandatory vaccination by the backdoor’. And while PBP believe in vaccinations, neither we, nor the World Health Organisation, support mandatory vaccine. Pushing the Bill through risks destroying the social solidarity on which the fight against Covid 19 must be based. Young people won’t get into restaurants or pubs because they’re not vaccinated, but its OK to have them working there, serving those who are vaccinated!! Disgraceful! Restore the PUP payments till the pandemic is over and stop forcing people into dangerous working conditions. Health policies should be based on science, not led by business interests

LEAVE OR SUCK IT UP. That’s the message the government has sent to our young people, despite all their lip service to youth mental-health issues. Effectively, 18-24 years olds were punished for being unemployed, getting €112 a week to live on. In June we were told that half of that age group were unemployed. The figures since then though improved, remain unclear. Our young people are our hope – they deserve better that they, and we, are getting from FFG ers

The State discriminates against youth in its implementation of Social Welfare payments. Food, transport, clothing all cost the same whether you are 20 or 30 years of age but those under 24 are expected to live on less. So much for the ‘Equality Agenda’ we hear of from this government. Dail debate 6.12.17