Big Phil Hogan was put back in his box by thousands of us who protested, and won, over Water Charges. But we are still waiting for the promised referendum on putting into the Constitution, the commitment to keep our water out of private hands. And now we hear the public service workers involved in water services, 3,200 of them, who were transferred to Irish Water on the promise that they remain ‘public service’, are now faced with an attempt by Irish Water to go back on their word to them. This is not on. Neither is the delay on the referendum. I spoke about our #Right2Water issues, and the workers rights, today in the Dáil.

I got the chance to question IRISH WATER officials last week. There were two issues I wanted information on: the fate of workers in the ‘industry’, and their approach to fixing leaks. Most of us don’t trust Irish Water and the proposals on “excess use” are a backdoor to re-introducing water charges. Irish Water had asked for support in getting communities to accept a program to “address leaks” which strikes me as more about figuring “excess use” and little to do the real waste – LEAKS IN THE SYSTEM, NOT OUR HOMES.