On Vincent Browne the other night we made the point about how unfair the Fair Deal scheme is. The Devereux’s situation was the case in point – a couple married for 63 years and separated by the HSE’s ‘Fair Deal’; one of them was accepted for care in the nursing home, the other wasn’t. It’s not just unfair – it’s cruelty. Simon Harris should be done for elder abuse.


Bríd was on Vincent Brown last night. More banging on about Enda Kenny’s leadership – is he coming or going? Some  on the panel tried to refer to what matters – the fact that this (and previous Fianna Fáil-led) governments have blighted the lives of millions of ordinary people, evident in record leveles of debt, homelessness, failing health care, precarious jobs etc. And all FG and FF policies will produce is more of the same!