Dr Conor Kenny from Sligo spoke on the radio May 9 th (Morning Ireland, RTE) about his experiences as a doctor (MSF) on board a refugee rescue ship in the Mediterranean. It was horrific. Too many people, too few boats, people screaming in pain from injuries as boats sank. At least 200 drowned. He spoke of what refugees told him about their experiences in Libya where men, women and children are beaten, raped, and sold as slaves within the detention centres that are meant to care for them. Back in February I challenged the Taoiseach on his support for EU plans to give Libya €200 million to ‘care for’ refugees. He defended this deal. Taoiseach Enda Kenny should listen to Dr Conor Kenny’s account of the horror that this deal entails. This is the video starts with Dr Kenny (audio recording) folowed by my exchange with the Taooiseach on the Libyan deal, back in February this year. Surely he can’t continue to stand over what he said

Brid slams our governments’ support for the strategy of the EU paying Libya to keep the refugees there, in the chaotic State of Libya, a place where they are in grave danger at the hands of unscrupulous war lords, rather than allowing these unfortunate people to seek refuge in a peaceful land.