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Brid Smith TD tackles the Taoiseach on FEMPI

    So Leo reckons we’re on target for recovery, equality and all that good stuff…. Unless of course you’re a public sector worker still being screwed by FEMPI. Teachers, nurses, people doing the most important work in our society,

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Varadkar guilty of Double Standards on public sector pay

People Before Profit TD claims Varadkar guilty of Double Standards on public sector pay Varadkar supports equal pay for cabinet members but not for teachers Workers told they must accept poor deal while ministers jockey for position and big pay

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Bríd on Sean O Rourke radio programme, 18 Nov ’16

Clips of Bríd discussing Landsdown Rd, public sector pay, transport, climate change, Donald Trump and Ibrahim Halawa 18/11/16

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Public and Private sector workers both need pay increases

TV3 Sunday Nov 6 2016, Brid defends the rights of both public and private sector workers to pay increases or pay restoration, and says both groups of workers have more in common than deviding them

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Bríd defends ASTI as Gaeilge

Brid interviewed by TG4, an Nuacht, Nov 1, defends the striking ASTI teachers

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TDs call for support for striking ASTI

Press Release: “Government and media fear genuine trade unionism in the public sector” says Bríd Smith. The onslaught of media attacks on the ASTI is being driven by a “fear of real trade unionism taking hold in the public sector”

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TD slams Department of Education “Bully boy tactics” in teacher dispute

  Deputy Brid Smith has called on the Department of Education to withdraw threats it has issued to teachers in the ASTI.Teachers are been told they must sign up and agree to substitution and supervisor duties by tomorrow or face

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Bríd takes on Minister over public sector pay

In the Dáil today, Bríd tackles the Minister over public sector pay restoration demands, but he dodges the issue. Seems to be what he’s best at.

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Tax the rich – Pay the workers!

A selection of clips from ‘The Week in Politics’ on RTE yesterday: Bríd spoke on Budget 2017, ASTI, public sector worker demands, Sinn Fein and the role of the Left in Irish politics. FG, FF and SF were also on the panel.

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Bríd in the Dáil on workers pay and rises long-overdue

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