TD says Ryanair climb-down welcome but workers still prepared to fight

Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit 15/12/2017

Brid Smith says O’Leary statement has boosted workers confidence but fight for full union rights still goes on

People Before Profit TD, Brid Smith, has said she is delighted that Ryanair, who she described as a “notorious anti-union employer”, has said it would be prepared to recognise trade unions.

The move is historic and clearly an attempt to avert strike action that was planned next week by pilots and was gathering huge support among all Ryanair workers.

But the TD warned that given its history of anti-worker and anti-union actions the detail of its commitment to recognise trade unions had to be examined.

I have spoken to dozens of workers this morning and while they are elated at the announcement they are not fooled by it either. This is a company that has used every trick in the book, from legal threats, outright bullying and dismissals to stop workers having a trade union. Those workers I spoke to are prepared and ready to strike if necessary.”

Smith outlined the key issues for workers at Ryanair; “The core issues remain the same. The use of bogus self-employment contracts and the random harassment and bullying of workers.Three issues, in particular, are crucial:

·       Ryanair says they will negotiate with local union representatives. But workers have a right to bring in a full-time official from outside the company, who will never be open to its blackmail tactics.

·       Pilots have a right to negotiate and set rates across country boundaries. There is no reason why one pilot should be paid less just because they are working from a less central hub.

·               Other workers in Ryanair such as cabin crew and baggage handlers have also a right to union recognition. And Ryanair needs to acknowledge that.”


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