TD delighted that Kylemore College proposed hike in Music fees was been deferred

Brid Smith says the move is welcomed and that education courses must be equally available to all citizens.

TD Brid Smith has welcomed the news that Kylemore college has reversed the proposed hike in music fees for adults attending courses at the college. The proposal would have seen fees almost doubled.
The TD said the original move was highly discriminatory as it was aimed at adult students and openly designed to dissuade them from attending courses.
The justification we got when we queried this was that the college had a policy to attract younger students on these courses. They were openly admitting that the policy was to discriminate against mature students on he basis of age.

On the advice of Deputy Brid Smith a number of mature students notified the college that they intended to take a case under the equal status act. In response the college while not admitting the move could be a breech did announce that they would put off any proposed increases for now.
“Its a welcome move but we have to be vigilant and insure all education and courses are open to all regardless of age, class or sex.”