Déja vu or what!! There I was on telly this morning, God love me, with Cora Sherlock, anti-Choicer, from the Repeal campaign. They act like our votes didn’t matter! What part ‘YOU LOST’ don’t they understand? But very nastily, they now want to allow doctors the right to refuse to treat women seeking abortion, and to refuse refering the woman on. Another good reason for maximum turnout on the Choice demo Sept 29th.

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Forgive my breathlessness on this clip – I had been questioning issues related to Jobpath in the committee rooms – some way away from the Dáil chamber when my turn came to speak – so I ran because this is important. Yes we remember Enda Kenny’s words and tears about the Magdalene women. But actions speak louder than words, a point I wasn’t allowed put to Coveney. Seven women have died waiting for redress. Wouldn’t it be a great gesture if on International Womens’ Day the government GUARANTEED all resources needed to give these women redress – NOW?

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Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit.  25/01/2018

Bríd Smith calls out anti-abortion campaign for working with Trump supporters

Brid Smith, the People Before Profit TD has expressed concern at the intervention of well-funded, foreign, right-wing campaigners in the coming Irish referendum on the Eighth Amendment.

She said, “The Irish anti-choice campaign seems to be endowed with lots of money and they are using it to hire social media and PR experts associated with very right-wing forces.Read more »

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Report is a huge step forward for the Repeal movement

People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, has welcomed the report by the Joint Committee on the Eighth Amendment.

The TD for Dublin South Central said that the report outlining recommendations calling for the repeal of the Eighth Amendment from the Constitution and for abortion to be made available to women in this country, unrestricted up to 12 weeks is a huge moment and a historic day.

“I welcome the committee report which calls for repeal of the 8th amendment which has inflicted untold misery on thousands of women since its insertion into the constitution three decades ago. Repealing the 8th should allow us to provide the best obstetric and maternity care available to women.”Read more »

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I’m on the Dáil committee to consider the findings of the Citizen’s Assembley regarding REPEAL 8TH AMENDMENT. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to ask questions about the statistics available internationally and as far as possible, nationally, which was very helpful. If anyone would like a copy of the these stats, please get in touch. The clip is a bit ‘glitchy’, but you get the sense of it.

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