”None of us are safe until every man, woman, and child in India is safe”.
India is in the grip of a deadly second surge of Covid-19, after a shortage of vaccines has left the population exposed.
Funeral pyres are reportedly lighting up the sky, as the death toll climbs.
Intellectual Property laws must be dropped immediately.
Pharmaceutical companies should not be allowed to hold the world to ransom.
Bríd Smith made a strong appeal to Mícheál Martin to put Ireland on the right side of history, and join calls for an unpatented vaccine, so countries can start producing their own.

I spoke on The Tonight Show last night about the HALF-ASSED GOVERNMENT PLAN ON QUARANTINE. While we can’t travel more than 5 kms from home, there are, and will continue to be, plane-loads arriving here from 5,000kms away, and who is monitoring where they go?? And what have they done to make school safe? or to ensure adequate vaccine supplies?