Bríd takes on Minister Simon Harris regarding the Tuam babies case and what the State must do. She also discusses International women’s day, State corruption and Kenny’s visit to Trump. March 12 2017.


DISBAND BON SECOUR – RECIND THE WOODS DEAL. These are demands People Before Profit make about the Tuam babies scandal. They discussed Kenny’s speech about Tuam on Vincent Brown Tues, March 7. Kenny, like the FG and FF TD s on the show, huffed and puffed but will committ to nothing.

Opening a “shocking slap in the face” to victims of Bon Secours Mother and Baby Homes following revelations at Tuam

People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, has today condemned the actions of the Finance Minister who today attended the official opening of the Bon Secours hospital Limerick at Barringtons.

Deputy Smith said, “A top government Minister attending the opening of this Bon Secours Hospital in Limerick today, after the revelations of the Tuam Babies is a shocking slap in the face to the victims of these Mother and Baby Homes.

“The Church and the State colluded to cover up these vile acts and the disgusting mistreatment of women and children.

“I want to reiterate the call for the Bon Secours sisters to be disbanded and for compensation through their assets to be allocated to an official memorial for the victims of the Mother and Baby Homes.

“Michael Noonan’s actions today are a total and utter disgrace, especially during the week after the horrendous findings in Tuam. Have they no shame.”

Press Release- People Before Profit – 05/03/2017

People Before Profit call for full apology from Bon Secours to victims of Tuam

Calls for Bon Secours consider disbanding for conspiring in heinous Tuam crime

Calls for people to mobilise for woman’s right to choose and Repeal of the 8th Amendment on International Woman’s Day

In a statement, People Before Profit have called for the Bon Secours sisters to make a full and unreserved apology to the victims of Tuam and to open up all their files on the Mother and Baby Homes for public scrutiny.

Bríd Smith TD said, “The case of the Tuam babies is one of the most sickening and disturbing stories of our time.

“At the very least there is a case of deliberate neglect of children born outside marriage which led to death by malnutrition.

“People Before Profit are calling for the Bon Secours group, who are at the centre of this case, to transfer assets to a memorial to victims of their catholic fundamentalism.

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