We supported a proposed bill from SF bill that seeks to control the use of Quads and scramblers in public parks. There have been horroundous accidents, deaths and injuries from their uncontrolled use. I pointed out to Minister Ross that this issue mostly affects working class areas and I found both his and FF/FG opposition to it ironic; if wealthier areas suffered from this they would swing into action immediately!

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‘Anti-cronyism’ Minister Shane Ross got HIS cronies to re-open Stepaside Garda station, while community policing for areas that need it, has been decimated. And that’s all he’s done – 4 national transport strikes? “not my problem”, says the transport minister; nor increasing emmissions from cars with its effect on #ClimateChange? These were points I made on the Late Debate on radio the other evening. The audio clip is here if you’re interested.

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Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit 05/12/2017

Failure to hear important evidence from pilots could have grave consequences- Bríd Smith TD

It is with dismay that Deputy Smith learned today from IALPA (Irish Airline Pilots Association) that tomorrow’s meeting of Transport Tourism and Sport Joint Oireachtas Committee on Working Hours for Pilots and Implications for Pilots Welfare has been cancelled for the third time.

Bríd Smith TD said, “This is a matter of grave public concern. The issue of airline and aviation safety needs to be examined and understood by the Oireachtas Committee. The cancellation without reason of this important meeting tomorrow morning could have grave consequences.

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