Bríd took the opportunity to raise ‘legacy’ issues with the Taoiseach: 1. Will he make sure there’s not more public money wasted on ‘spin machines’ to make politicians look good? 2. What about justice for Shane O Farrell? 3. Why all the foot-dragging about extending maternity leave during the Covid crisis? New mothers are very anxious.

Cips of Bríd speaking on RTE’s radio programme, Late Debate – 28.3.18. (live streaming on the internet gives us video footage, albeit badly synced). Topics included Irish neutrality, Leo’s spin machine and Coveney’s input on the Repeal debate.

The €5million FG spin machine is faulty! It let Leo spill the beans on how you REALLY do business in Ireland – get a Minister to make a call to the planning department. Sorted. And of course you can’t spin away broken services and homeless children. Maybe FG should get a refund! But actually…it was we, the taxpayers, who paid for this…wasn’t it!