That children with special needs can go back to school soon is to be welcomed. But it must be safe. That’s only fair to the children themselves, their families and the teachers and school staff, and their families. And in particular, safe for the special needs assistants (SNAs) who do heroic work, the nature of which often leaves them most exposed to catching the virus. Schools must appropriately equipped and managed to ensure optimum safety.

A quick clip of myself on Virgin Media News yesterday talking about Norma Foley’s plan to reopen schools for students with special education needs on Thursday. This cannot be rushed, proper consultation with the schools, teachers and SNA’s is crucial!


Parents involved with Dublin 12 campaign 4 ASD specific school &Inclusion, really want to progress the opening of the ASD special facility in Crumlin, and they really want, and need, Ministers Norma Foley and Josepha Madigan to visit as promised, in order to do so. C’mon Ministers, theses families have been waiting long enough!