Brid Smith TD today questioned the Minister Mary Mitchell-O Connor as to why public funds, via the IDA, were supporting global giants like Amazon, Coca- Cola and Credite Suisse, instead of small local companies.  She also questioned why Uber – the taxi firm – was receiving government support when their dodgy practices were being questioned in other jurisdictions.

 FIGHT OFF THE VULTURES! (From Dublin South Central Local News Facebook Page)
danske bank

MEET: BUSWELL’S HOTEL (Georgian Suite); 7pm; Friday April 22. Expected speakers: Brid Smith TD (PBP/AAA); Paul Kelly (Local News); representatives from debt charities and others.
Vulture funds at your door? SME or credit card debt threatening your livelihood? Finally… a politician who is doing something about it! Pre-election, Local News found that only Brid Smith (PBP/AAA) was prepared to campaign on SME and credit-card debtors being harassed by vulture-fund creditors — to whom banks are currently selling their debt. (We visited FF and FG HQ: no interest.) Now, Deputy Smith has agreed to host a meeting to offer aid and comfort — and maybe more — to those drowning in debt. She is even in talks with interested parties who may be able, in some cases, to secure a discount on that debt while keeping the vultures (and their more ruthless debt-collecting henchmen) at bay. This is of interest to ALL with SME, credit-card or bank debt (particularly if your credit card is from Danske Bank).
For more information call 087 913 3614, and see the mid-April edition of Local News (south and west); also see