We’re told GSOC does a grand job. How do we know that? Well because the Gardaí and the Minister says so! So what about the recent Geroge Nkencho case – a mentally ill man shot in the back 5 times and key witnesses not interviewed for months. Or what about the historic failures of GSOC to deliver justice for the families of Shane O Farrell or Terence Wheelock? And why are 40% of GSOC cases referred back to the Guards. The Minister waffles, but does not answer. 8.7.21

Going on 10 years ago now, a young man Shane O Farrell was killed by a drunken criminal who was at large, and who should not have been. There are more questions than answers surrounding Shane’s killing, but his family have remained dogged in demanding a public enquiry into the strange circumstances surrounding his death. I again asked WHEN will we have the enquiry.

Bríd took the opportunity to raise ‘legacy’ issues with the Taoiseach: 1. Will he make sure there’s not more public money wasted on ‘spin machines’ to make politicians look good? 2. What about justice for Shane O Farrell? 3. Why all the foot-dragging about extending maternity leave during the Covid crisis? New mothers are very anxious.

Brid expresses her confidence in the commitment of FF and FG to serving the interests of the rich, and of the Greens to acting as a mudguard for them in the new Dáil

The strange and tragic death of Shane O Farrell deserves a commission of investigation. This was agreed last year by a two thirds majority in the Dáil, yet the Minister seems to be letting an unelected judge decide on what happens in this case. Why? The Minister reads his brief but does not inform.

The killing 6 years ago of Shane O Farrell by a man who should have been serving one of the 19 offences he was convicted for, but was instead out on bail, is more than a travesty of justice. It stinks to high heaven.

Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit    09/03/2018
Deputy Smith has asked the Minister for Justice to clarify if the unlawful killing of Shane O’Farrell was one of those cases misclassified on the Garda Pulse system.
The TD submitted a Parliamentary question following last weeks revelations from the Dail committee on Justice which heard evidence from two civilian members of the force about the wide-spread misclassification of homicide cases by Gardai on the Pulse system.

Shane’s mother Lucia Farrell has asked the Garda to clarify this but has so far received no answer from the authorities.

Shane was killed in a hit and run incident which has been the subject of calls for a public inquiry and is presently still under investigation with GSOC after six years.

Lucia has campaigned to raise awareness of Shane’s death and the subsequent Garda investigation and criminal proceedings.

Deputy Smith stated: “The state has treated the family of Shane very poorly and failed them on a number of occasions. They deserve an answer to the simple question was Shane’s case one of those misclassified or not?”

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