Asked by TG4, An Nuacht, what we thought of them lifting the Covid restrictions yesterday, I said it was a good thing – people need hope. But what many people need even more is that PUP and wage subsidy payments be maintained, till the end of the pandemic. And ditto with the ban on evictions. This should be reinstated immediatley.


We can’t make a mockery of being “…all in it together”, not if we want the continued support of the most important people – the workers. If we want to get through this pandemic, then we have to ensure that workers are looked after. Cuts to the wage subsidy scheme, leaving people on €203 a week is shameful. As is the ‘claw-back’ of various tax breaks that were helping people along. The Govt must insist that employers top-up workers wages – it’s not for luxury – it’s to help get through this rotten time.

Wage subsidy schemes were in a broad sense to be welcomed, across the industrialized world. But Ireland alone, imposed NO OVERSIGHT OR REGULATION of the big companies that claimed it. Even when they were making profit, even when the CEOs were awarding themselves huge bonuses, big outfits like Boston Scientific, Aer Lingus, Ryan Air got public money to ‘keep going’ without scrutiny. Compare that with the scrutiny workers face for Social Protection measures like fuel allowance or a medical card.

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