A cross party motion on period poverty is welcome, and to be supported. The sickening irony is that many of those supporting this motion, were gung-ho for the policies that caused or exacerbated poverty among so many women, lone parents and precarious workers in particular.

PRECARIOUS WORK,ZERO HOUR CONTRACTS – driving wages down because there’s less hours worked, with resulting poverty. Not so for employers. Profits are up, some by as much as 40% on pre-crash levels. A Bill to tackle these issues was debated in Dáil yesterday; the government of course want business as usual. The unions must act


Brid questioned Minister Mary Mitchel O’Connor today on the type of jobs and pay that we are creating here in Ireland. While the Govt congratulates themselves on ​attracting investment and creating jobs, the hidden reality is that we are looking at the growing incidence of  low pay and precarious contracts that leave workers with little security or quality of life. So nothing to crow about Mary….