“I was glad to speak about to the Rural Equality Bill 2017, in the Dáil this evening. Just like us Dubs, communities of ordinary people in rural in Ireland have been hammered by government policies of neoliberalism. In other words, as long as it allows them to turn their back on ‘unprofitable services’, or if it turns a buck for some fatcat – like privatising transport, decimating the small-time fishing industry, closing the post offices, then its fine. Rural and urban communities have to stick together and challenge these rotten priorities”.Brid Smith

Bríd reiterates the importance of rural post offices to their local communities and the vital social role they play. She points out there are initiatives that could be taken, for instance a role in local banking services, that would ensure not only the viability of rural post offices but employment opportunities. So why won’t our government do this?