RTE and MET Eireann have a responsibility to ‘tell it like it is’ regarding #ClimateChange. I put a series of questions to MET Eireann and RTE reps at our Dail committe on climate change, as to why they don’t put greater emphasis on the fact that climate events are not just ‘weather’, and reporting extreme weather events should be linked to its cause, ie serious climate change. Naming and reporting the truth are essential if we are to properly inform the public and address the issues


It speaks volumes, doesn’t it, when the new Minister for the Environment OPPOSES a Bill that seeks to ban the use of a type of plastic that serves little purpose other than to pollute (and to make profit of course). And as for the mafia-like ‘waste disposal’ outfits – where’s the controls on them? These were some of the points I made in the debate yesterday

Cllr Brid Smith successfully put down a motion at the SOUTH CENTRAL AREA COMMITTEE of DUBLIN CITY COUNCIL today (15th July 2015). The motion was agreed by the committe and  is outlined below. This is just one more event in the long saga of challenging Thorntons who continue to disregard the welfare of local residents. Brid is pledged to continuing the struggle to force this company to clean up their act.

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