People Before Profit has signed up to the Right2Change principles.  These principles arise from Ireland’s biggest social movement – the Right 2Water movement – and represent an important starting point in breaking the right wing consensus that has dominated Irish politics for so long.

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Cllr Smith said “The hated and unjust water charges have been pushed through by Enda Kenny and Fine Gael.

Despite their election promises to end austerity, this Government with Enda Kenny at it’s helm have inflicted severe austerity on the Irish people.
Their austerity budgets have cut the ordinary people to the bone, at the same time protecting the rich and creating new quangos like Irish Water.
To add insult to injury they are pursuing an agenda of demonising those who protest against them.”

Brid Smith added
“We are calling for the release of the five protesters jailed by the State.
This is an attempt to break up the mass movement against the Water Charges.

The Right2Water campaign will be back on the streets today and on 21 March.
Today in Castlebar we are sending a message to Enda Kenny and his party that they will get their answer at the next Election.”