Strategic Housing Developments – POLICY FAILURE OF ENORMOUS PROPORTIONS. Some communities are taking judicial reviews against them; costly and stressful. The Players Wills, Bailey Gibson site on SCR – 19 story high blocks. Along the canal in Drimnagh and elsewhere, 8, 9, and 10 story blocks, in low-rise estates !!. All are build-to-rent, doing nothing for the housing crisis but making a fortune for developers and Vulture funds. And no new amenities for thousand of new residents – in areas where communities are crying out already for adequate health, education, cultural amenities . The government must intervene.

The real legacy of Ahern and FF/FG; corruption, bad planning and prioritising developer’s profits. After 150 million euro and 20 years we still haven’t acted on the Mahon tribunal.


Amazing how upset FF and FG got in the Dáil today when reminded of their ‘brown envelope’ past. €150 million of taxpayers money went on the Mahon tribunal and how many corrrupt politicians got done? One. At the very least apply the recommendations of Mahon and make relevant political donations clear when applying for planning permission.