MONEY FOR WAR OR MONEY FOR HEALTH? Given a choice most of us would say spend for health care, not for killing people. But our government wants to do the opposite. It makes me very angry. Our soldiers are underpaid, many depend on welfare to top up their pay, and they’ve saved thousands of lives in the Mediterranean and at home. But our money will not go to them, but to PESCO, the new European army.

WAR AND WASTE! That’s what our government is setting us up for. They want to rush us into PESCO, an EU army, close to NATO, and spend literally €billions doing so. They can’t house the homeless or fix or our health service, or support war refuggees, but they can rush headlong into buying bigger tanks and guns (not, mind you, paying the poor divils that use them!). It’s outrageous and FG, FF and the Independents that support them have no mandate for this